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that place is pretty damn cool. i thought it was gonna be too snobby, but it's a really great place. staff is nice as hell, food is great and so are the drinks. i highly recommend the apple martini's. had a friend drinking underage, they don't card at all. this place is done up so nice inside, and looks huge. the downstairs is real chill and more fun than upstairs. they goy plasma screens everywhere. did a MUCH better job than NEBC ever did. very promising place, check it out.:)

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Originally posted by jk9

Hey snatchy,

Where is Tonic located, I wanna check it out.?

it's right on comm. ave. 1290-1300 block maybe. block or so down from bottled liqours (vegas style lookin sign)

great place. my friend did a lot of this: chairfall.gif

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