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2 articles in today's post:

MARLBORO, N.J. -- Passengers on a Greyhound bus said the driver told them he was taking them "to the Taliban" after they criticized his meandering route last night, prompting a massive police response. The New York-bound bus hit heavy traffic soon after leaving Philadelphia, and the driver took several alternate routes to find less congested roads. The driver reportedly was only joking because he was upset, but some people panicked and called 911 on their cell phones. Within minutes, 18 police cars surrounded the bus and pulled it over. The driver, who was not immediately identified, was taken to police headquarters for questioning while authorities searched the bus. They found nothing unusual.


i can't say that i'm surprised about that after the last trip i took with greyhound (right tb?).... :D :D

and the 2nd is about how competing chinatown bus services are offering $10 one way/$15 roundtrip fares to and from NYC.


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