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New Generations

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Dose anybodie notice how BAD and ANNOYING are the new generations ....

well i have to say i try to find something good in them but I CAN'T lets checke it out whhat im talking about :


-Watch TV all they long

-I remember when we use to play out side , all kind of games like : soccer , clib trees, baseball , i dont know so many games but now the new generations spend the entire day playing video games or just on the computer ...

-our moms use to cook great meals recipies from grand mother now they Eat more Fast Food and new moms dont even know how to fry an egg

i- remember how we use to have great relationship with our parents and see them as a top thing now they Talk Bad To theire parents , they just think "i want to be 18 so i cant get out of here"

-No respect to anybodie

-they think they are all mighty god


-No education

-More Arrogant

-they don't want to studie anymore

-They complain for EVERYTHING !!!

-no tolerance

-no passient

-they are always in a hurry

-they never have time for anything

-they drive like MANIACS

-they want all the attencion

-they cant listen

-friendships is not loyal as it use to

-theire music taste is TERRIBLE they dont know about music at all

and i can go on and on and on .......

in less words im sorry but I HATE NEW GENERATIONS specially the NEW TEENAGERS...............

so what do u think im a right ? if u think there is something i miss u can add more to this list ......

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to some extent i agree, but i also find it quite annoying (especially in my work environment) the lack of any decent communication with supervisors. theyve grown so dependent on e-mail, conference calls, net meetings etc. that when they actually have to talk with a person face to face they fuck up.

in some regards i do miss the work environment i was used to back home, the getting fucked up with my co-workers and boss, the informal work bar-b-q with shit loads of corona's, etc.

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i can sort of agree with what you're saying, scaredgirl...what bothers me sometimes is the lack of morals, values,and ethics nowadays...seems like everyone has a right for everything but no one wants to take responsibility for anything...everything is me,me,me...not what would help others and themselves.

there's so many things wrong with this world that it would take forever to unravel everything and piece it all together...

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Good topic! I couldn't agree more with you about new generations (and even a few in our generation.) But what can you expect from a society that is lacking in religion and morals? Divorce is accepted like the drop of a hat and both parents work and are never home which leaves children to be raised by the TV or a day care worker who could care less b/c s/he is only getting paid $7 an hour. I understand that there are situations that can't be helped, but I think that divorce is all too common these days and that the people getting divorced are giving up way too easy. Same with both parents working - I understand that sometimes one income can't cut it, but I blame the feminist movement for making women think that they have to go out and do something and try to become a man's equal. I'm sorry, but women and men are not equal, never will be and I think it's ok. Children deserve to be raised and nurtured by their mothers, not some disgruntled daycare worker. Sorry, I'm rambling, but this is a topic that I feel strongly about and it really makes me reconsider raising children in the future (which I don't see getting any better.)

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Kids now-a-days are fucking spoiled brats! what ever happened to the good ass-whipping admisnistrated by the parents to straighten kids out? I tell you this new generation is gonna be the end of us all.......

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Parents live in fear of their children these days and it should be the other way around. I rarely got spanked when I was little b/c I used to get just the look from my father and I knew it was time to cut the crap. Parents can't even spank their kids any more these days or they're accused of child abuse - absolutely ridiculous.

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