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So Tini got me thinking about Haikus this morning, and I thought of some during lunch:

I ate Pho today,

I dumped tons of hot sauce in.

Ass is on fire now.

Here's another one:

My name is Shady,

It's spelled S-H-A-D-Y.

I am the coolest.

And another:

My name is Vicman,

I like to karaoke.

Shady kicked my ass.

And one more:

My name is Tini,

I can't see over your knee.

So I'll kick your shins.

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Originally posted by tinybutterfli

this is cookie girl's fault. she challenged me to write a haiku about Space. I don't even remember how we even got on the subject. I shared the haiku with Shady... all haiku hell broke loose *lol*

Here's my lame Space haiku *lol*

Oscar G spins tracks

People dance the night away

In Miami Beach


here mine:

Sunglasses at night.

Sillicone all day and night.

FUBAR: always. Space.

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Hornballs everywhere

Why don't you leave me alone?

tryin' da dance, dick.

Armin van Buuren

Why the two u's in your name?

guess that makes you cool.

Not how about 1722............

Where is my jacket?

and for that matter my scarf...

oh what a sad day.

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Guest jroo

i fucking love this things!!!!!!!!!! vic i like your sunglasses at night one the best!~! :laugh: bye the way the whole !~! thing is a typo, im just too lazy to delete it. im going to see if i can come up with one

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