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You could work for the King of Norway! :tongue:

HMSS - His Majesty's Snowboard Service

They are a new and eyebrow-raising development in the King's Guard. With sagging trousers, the snowboard patrol of Norway's Defense Sports company are a modern twist on squads of skiing soldiers.

"We could sweep down mountain sides and attack cabins overtaken by the enemy. But that would require being dropped in by helicopter first - we're a bit slow when we need to move uphill," says company leader Leif A. Oewre. He admits that he finds it hard to picture the practical uses of snowboard specialists, though they are a part of a long military skiing tradition.

"The Sports company is a continuation of the Ski company formed in the Guard in 1959. Defense needed able skiers who could move quickly and fell trees in the forest. This evolved into a ski hunting troop including cross-country skiers and biathletes," Oewre said.

The result of this was eventually a Sport company formed in 1996, in cooperation with Norway's sports federation and Olympic Committee. The plan was to allow promising athletes to maintain their competitive form while doing their compulsory military service.

Sporting organizations can nominate athletes and 200 get the chance to combine service with training. Curling, ice hockey, swimming, skiing, cycling and indoor bandy (floorball) are among the sports one can pursue while wearing a royal service uniform.


Saggy white camouflage is the perfect uniform for the Snowboard patrol - Eirik Haugo, Christian Halland, Marius Otterstad and Sebastian Salvesen Adams.

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