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MP3 Players

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If your into house get one that is in the Gigs.

don't waste your time with 64MB's or 128 MB's its just not worth it!

then you need to decide whether your going to be running with this mp3 player, listening in the car, hooking up to a stereo.. So if your doing strenous activites the smaller the better, :D

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Originally posted by Ruph

i'm thinking about getting the iPod (5GB)...it's a little pricey though

Fuck that, get the 10gig IPod. I bought it a few months ago and its the best $400 I ever spent. I take the fucking thing everywhere! You can play it in your car, on the beach (with external speakers), at the gym (perfect). It has the best user interface, very simple to use. If you want to know more info about it, message me on AIM @ NJDionysus

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