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Buster and the rest of you who made it to Vision last night.... I'm so sorry I didn't go! I'll admit it, I was TIRED! I left my office around 2 and went Xmas shopping. NIGHTMARE!!! I think I would have been okay but then I went grocery shopping - I don't know if you guys know this but this is my least favorite activity in the whole world and generally sucks the energy right out of me and puts me in a crappy mood. Should have waited to go this morning :(

How was it? I'm sure Buster was awesome! I'm so sorry I missed it. I haven't seen you in forever :(

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That's a good excuse. But I think everyone here knows you probably just got wasted at your Christmas party and got sent home early by your boss for talking dirty to the fax machine.

"Grocery shopping" - That's a good one. I'm gonna have to remember that. Kinda like:

Boss: Where are your TPS reports?

Me: I had to go "Grocery shopping" so I haven't gotten to them yet.

Boss: Oh. I'm sorry about that. Are you ok?

Me: Yeah. Just leave me alone for a few hours so I can recover and I'll be ok.

Boss: Listen, just take the rest of the afternoon off. You've had enough stress for one day.

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