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Merry Christmas Dana

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Ojk - So get back from a wonderful NYC vacation and my car is shot- I need a new transmission and some other expensive replacements- I don't know If I should just junk it becuase it's a beautiful car- sunroof, nice cd player- mint condition - - - but it's going to cost me an arm and a leg to fix- That money was supposed to be going for my laptop!-

*****I dont' t know What to DO -- and my stress level is SKY Rocketing!!~ I am stuck between a Rock and a hard place- ---

:(----- why is Santa being so mean this year-! I was NiCE ! I swear!

It's going to cost morethan the car is worth to fix

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Originally posted by ou812

Pull and insurance job on it, let it get hit with the old Jewish Lightning, know what I mean.


lol, i actually have an acquaintance who did this...took his 2003 acura to some desert in southeastern california, torched it, then called his insurance company and told them that some mexicans stole it. he got almost $20,000 back, of which he blew $18,000 in the first two days.


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