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way to a wamans!!!....

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for those that have been misconcieved, mislead, or just never took the time to learn about it.

A woman has 5 YES FIVE

G spots - the G stands for Dr. GAPHENBURGE if i remember the name correctly.

Ok fellas and some of you woman lovers-

u though getting "her" off was as easy as up front?


think again-

the 5 g spots on a woman are as follows: w/ how to make them work best:

3 internal ( inside the vagina)

1st is just inside about 2 inces against the forward wall

best with direct pressure (hitting it from the back w/ both of u standing and doing it slow with LOOOONG strokes makes this work well-)

2nd is deeper (higher up inside)

with a finger you can feel where the skin inside changes to X-TREMELY soft - like theres no resistance- works best with man on top - deep hard ANIMAL SEX thrusts!!) very pwerful,

for some reason there are sensory nevers here that are related to the movment of the lower body so

pressing the knees against the bed near her head- and going rapidly with force will drive this into a frenzy. dont stop when shes done-

PM me if u want to know why fellas - cause this is a good one that we all should know about!!!!

3rd one is almost ficticious. it is actually the side wals of the VAG opening near the top- about 1/4 way down on both sides.

tongue dont work here so stop that- makes her think u have no idea what ur doing!!

this is totaly for the hands of a couple that likes to play (do itwhile havin sex)

or use the penis only - but u have to be well endowed, VERY WELL ENDOWED) like me heh heh-

this one is just a little here and there play- just to relax and caress- dont think that u gotta work this one to make her scream- she wont.

those are the 3 internal

now the anal?

this is so deep - it can ONLY be reached analy- some woman have trouble with this one,

how does it work? easy


just hit it the way she likes from the back- and ladies , freaky lasies... NO VIBES HERE!! u can actually break something with the numbness sets in-

you wont know til later that day so dont even try.

and the last one?

we all know it

the MAN IN THE BOAT (it looks like that alittle ya know)

the clitoris ... man in the boat? ha ha

ok whats a few other names you have heard for it?...

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