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Off topic. Does anyone have the Compuserve 4.0 CD.

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Hi, I know this is off topic. I messed up. I uninstalled my Compuserve 4.0 and installed the Compuserve 6.0. I found out, that I cant move my personal filing cabinet folder that had all my emails in the new Compuserve 6.0. I need to find someone with the Compuserve 4.0 CD. The CD is probably 3 years old. I'm praying someone kept one. There up to Compuserve 7.0. If i can find someone with the 4.0 CD, then I can just reinstall my personal filing cabinet back on the 4.0. I had so many emails in there. If anyone knows anyone with the compuserve 4.0 CD, can they email me. [email protected]

Thanks so much.

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