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tiesto/ times square?

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anyone heard this? - Tiesto in Times Square...

wheres everyone going to be at?

im thinking, saaled & palash, (forgive my misspellings please) and than great junior vasquez mind manipulation- i say,"you just have to understand the nuances of the whole experience".

if i am a nuisance, well thats ok too , but i do apologise anyway.

i was just wondering..

1)tiesto/times square?

2>where are all of you most beloved children of the love of god going? _BE SAFE!_have fun_don't o.d. or u will either be dead, or like me!(i say it again, be careful, cuz dead is prolly better than winding up like me, even thou 14m1337u17r4++) jk.

3)ANYONE HAVE A SOLID GAME-PLAN TO COMPREHENSIVELY AND COMPLETELY COVER THE NIGHT? - i m looking to hit 2,3,4 spots, and in a well organized fashion.

any in-put would be appreciated- positively!

LOVE LOVE........(serious,

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