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lookin for an older track-"the story"


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The basement of Heartbeat (6th Ave + 10th Street) has a ton of older poppier tracks down there for a buck a record. I think I came across it at some point there, but you'd have to do the digging to find it, and that could take days (it took me going twice a week for a full month to get through the basement, and there are still plenty of crates I never checked...)



Since that link probably won't work, just go to gemm.com and type in "here's where the story ends". They have 3 different 12"s of it, including the tin tin out club mix (which is $19.23 + S/H)

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Here are the details of the copy I own:

Format: Vinyl

Label: Virgin (UK Import)

Year of Release: 1998

UPC Code: 7 24389 48996 5

Tin Tin Out f/Shelley Nelson

"Here's Where The Story Ends"

Side A mixes:

Tin Tin Out Club Mix (7.55)

KLM Remix (9.04)

Side B mixes:

Canny Remix (9.15) - *my favorite

Mansa's Soundtrack Version (6.30)

If you want it on CD there are plenty of copies listed for $5 or less on half.com. The vinyl shouldn't be too difficult to find either since it was actually released, unlike so many other brilliant records that never get past the promo-only stage.

If you want it on vinyl but don't live in NY you could call Heartbeat records at (212) 255-5260. There's always a chance that Luis might know if he has it, although the basement stock isn't inventoried since it's collections from various sources but it's worth a try.

Good luck and thanks for giving me a little bit of faith in the existence of people who share my taste in music. This record is not only beautiful but also has a great deal of sentimental value to me so if you need any further help in finding it let me know.

~ jen

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thanks for the info. i guess it's the club mix i'm lookin for. i actually have the song on cassette. but, it gets cut off in the beginning. (from side a to B)

it was on a cd my friend had and he taped (this was before all the burners became so popular) it for me. still play the shit out of it though. nice mix it had to with "intense...neeeed" before it

and "up and down" after

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i received a cd i ordered from half.com. but, did not come across the mix i was looking for. the mix i'm looking for has

----a build up that sounds like a flutish synth sound (kinka like in between scenes of batman, the sound effect the tv made when the old scene spins into the new scene). that sound also cuts in and out of the whole song.------very upbeat/98 synth type of track

the mixes on the cd i gor were

radio mix- 4:03

xtended mix- 5:50

tin tin out club mix- 7:53

canny- 7:14

mansa- 6:11

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The mix you're looking I think is the extended version of the Canny Mix which is on the original vinyl release but not the CD. At the time I posted my original response I had lent the cartridges for my turntables to a friend so I couldn't play the record so I looked online and noticed that there were different versions of the Canny Mix. This is why I posted the exact details of all of the tracks on the vinyl version that I have.

Thankfully, I now have my system back together and I just finished recording the longer version of the mix into my computer. I'd be happy to send it to you if you'd like just reply to this post and we'll go from there.

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Don't ever give up!

Since you're up at this hour and describe yourself as "old school" I'd be surprised if we haven't met.

This song has is very special to me so it will make me very happy to help you find the mix you're looking for if I can. I sent you a PM with my e-mail address so e-mail me and we'll take it from there.

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YEAH! i'm so happy for you!!! where'd you find it?

sorry for the delayed reply. i moved out to CA about a month ago and just got my stuff last week.

when i unpack my records i'll have to see if i have that mix or not. hopefully that will be soon since i'm feeling very music deprived! it looks like they have some good record stores here but i've purposely stayed away from them. while packing i found that i had multiple copies of more than a few records that i bought because i didn't know that i already had them. pretty scary.

thanks for letting me know that you found your holy grail. it gives me hope for finding mine:-)

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Originally posted by jentbnyc

YEAH! where'd you find it?

yeah, i finally got it. i was doing a search on keith litman....and saw the story(klm mix) did not realize klm was him.

from looking above, i think that mix is on the vinly.

thanks for all your help;)

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Originally posted by jentbnyc

I'm still unpacking but I'll check it out as soon as I find the record. There were several vinyl releases aside from the one I have. I'll feel terrible if I had the mix you wanted after all but the important thing is that you got it.

don't be nuts...........it was your help that led me to the track;)

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