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Feb. 8 - 9 ::: Metropolis, Therapy & Pulse


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The best nights are usually unplanned, and sometimes have inauspicious beginning. This was most definitely the case last Saturday night. I had helped my friend Amy at the mall all day Saturday, and I was out Friday night, so I was very tired. I went home and took a nap that I didn't awake from until after 11PM. I was still a little tired, but after a shower I felt like a new man. I made the decision to meet up with some friends and head over to Metropolis. After all, I had missed Louie the first time around, and my love for cheese is well known throughout the land. So, off I went.

Metropolis -- 12AM - 2AM

My dear, sweet lord.. God help us.. God and baby Jesus help us.. This is where we are folks. Great crowd.. Incredible vibe.. There had to be over a thousand people there. The party train was steaming ahead, and the man driving the locomotive was our boy Louie. Now, he must have boarded up the windows on that train, because he was absolutely everywhere but on track. Nonetheless, he tore up the countryside, took down some trees and power lines, hit some old lady, and by the grace of the aforementioned deity, got us back to the station in one piece. Nine times out of ten, if you glanced over at him, you would find him curiously studying the mixer or his turntables. Most likely wondering what all those crazy buttons and knobs and flashing lights were for. Bottom line.. He plays hits, he's got a name, he's got CDs. He's a marketing genius, or at least someone in his camp is. Beyond that, he is a below average DJ with no real regard for what he plays or how to build a night. He plays the most popular techno from the last 3 years, one after the other, generally mixing during beatless sections so his poor skills are not exposed. He brings crazy numbers into the club, though, and if it keeps the place going so that we can have Dave Ralph next week.. Then I'm all for it.

Therapy -- 3AM - 7AM

I headed into Therapy and Victor Emanuelle immediately brought a smile back to my face. Vic weaves styles in and out flawlessly. Not sleeping on any one flavor, but constantly adding and tasting. The meal ends up being a mélange of cuisines that is extremely palatable, and includes something for everyone. I was very impressed. Manny hit the decks around 3:45. I told him before he went up that I wanted to hear some trance. He turned and looked at me as if to say, be careful what you wish for.. He motored for the first few hours. Vocal house, great remixes, some tech, flawless mixing and flow as usual.. He had the crowd frenzied. Around 5, he granted me my wish. It was stadium trance time. Manolo grew horns and turned to me bellowing "Ich bin der groß Manolo, Tweak und ich bin ungefähr zu pummel Sie in Einreichung mit meinem riesigen funk Stock!" That roughly translates to "I am the mighty Manolo, Tweak, and I am about to pummel you into submission with my mammoth funk stick!" Exactly what I've been waiting for. Tut, you missed out my friend. We're talking epic, earth shaking trance for over an hour. It killed the place. Gatecrasher had invaded Olneyville. God I miss that shit. Thanks Manny!

Pulse -- 8AM - 12PM

Will and Andre convinced me to go to Pulse. My friend Becca was on her way back from Tantra and met me there. Andre's set was a nice follow up to what Manolo was banging out at the end of his night. No warm up here.. straight bangin jams. Trancy, techy, teeth grinding joints.. that's what we all had for breakfast. I wanted seconds.. Then here comes Big Willy Trahan. He walked in the booth, threw Andre over the glass, looked around and for the next mothafucker who dared get in his path, and began dropping bombs. Every time I hear him he's improved from the last. His style is very eclectic, and he has an excellent rapport with his crowd, sensing what they need next and delivering it with fury. He even busted out with some scratching.. (don't start sweating yet, hoska) He definitely has removed the 'progressive house only' tag from his packaging. I think Willy has a lot more in store for us in the next year. He's ready for prime time.

So, anyway, it turned out to be a pretty good night.

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