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Power Brakes Conversion Challenge..

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I was curious if anyone had any ideas for what to do (cheaply, yet safely) with putting a power assist system on my jeepster.

Its a 71 commando, one person I spoke too who has the same year converted an older trans am braking system I believe, but the catch is that Im dealing with a lift and 35" tires, so Im going to have to try to factor in more pressure being cuased especially with the stock brake lines..

Any suggests would be greatly appreciated, right now the manual brakes and a new roll cage are the only two things keeping it off the road, I drove it the first day with the manual brakes, holy shit was rt 17 much scarier then I've ever seen it in that thing.

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you may want to consider stainless steel braided lines with whatever you end up doing... they're only like 100$ but they're a lot stronger, and eliminate "soft pedal"...

can't give you much more help than that... don't know much about jeeps...

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