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self promotion tips

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The past 2 years at WMC I was on the "giving end" handing out my demos to people. This year however I was on the "recieving end" and I learned a few things that I think can be helpful to you.

This year I recieved quite a handfull (bagfull) of CD's and Vinyl for consideration of play (and thus promotion) on my mixshow. After coming back and tring to go threw everything (yes - I say EVERYTHING. I vowed NOT to be like those stuffy corporate types who just gander over hot new material without really taking the moment needed to listen).

As I sit here going threw the piles with limited time and tiredness settling in: here is what I learned:

1. Clearly label ON THE CD/Vinyl what it is, name, track #, and contact info. (Cases sometimes get lost, mispiled, or taking the time to "match up" a case and CD can become tidious).

2. Have a EDITED (radio) version available. Even if it's a club track. You have a promised :30 seconds of my time (along with 100 other people) <add it up>... Please just have an edited version that gets right to the point, if i like it, trust me, I will "want to hear more" and play the full version.

imho: track 1 should always the edit, while track 2 full extended

3. Stick a business card inside the case with CD (makes it easier for me to contact you), yes I DO have your card from when we talked, but honestly it's in the pile with the other 99 cards. Sometimes I listen to the music first, if I like, I will want to contact you, make it easier (and faster) by including a card (as well as contact info already on the CD/Vinyl.

4. Album CD's drive me nuts. Please state which track I should listen to first (probably your BEST track), if I like, I will "want more" and scan around.

5. "Excerpts" do work, if I like, I will contact you requesting the entire song. An excerpt is usually just a minute or so of the song. Again it should pick the "best part" or "main highlight". Think of it as a super radio edit.

6. Regarding fancy artwork: not really needed, just a clear label is most important. However, there were a few CD's that had a picture/headshot of the artist and it did help me remember meeting them.

And finally...

7. DJ Mixed-CD's. Not sure about this one. I've used this to promote myself. If anyone has any opionions on this one, I'm all ears. It's different promoting yourself as a DJ-artist rather than an artist-artist.

Hope this helps.

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