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Latest DuB's From StepLogic Recordings

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Meridian is up & Running on www.EastCoastDnBTrooperz.net

Check the Mixes and Latest DuB Page on EC DnB

Forthcoming releases and dubs :

Sentinel + Dsaga - Meridian / Storm

Sentinel - Demiurge / Solitude

Sentinel (Steplogic Recordings/EastCoastDnB) - Savannah GA / Flagstaff AZ

Sentinel began his production career in 1996, while living in the Atlanta area. His first exploits into electronic music production began in the hard underground industrial scene, after spending years playing many roles in various metal and hard rock bands. His first compilation was put together in 1997, along with fellow industrial producer Stiev Millis, and consisted of experimental industrial and generally evil noise. After moving to the Savannah area in 1998, Sentinel was heavily immersed in the flourishing Drum and Bass scene there- and he never looked back. In Drum and Bass he saw unlimited potential, and an edge and attitude that he had forever strived for yet never found in the relatively tepid dullness of industrial music. His production efforts became completely focused on DnB, as he began building his crate, learning the art of the decks, and mastering the intricacies of the breakbeat and bassline. In 2000 he, along with partners Dsaga, Kinetic, and Mech, formed Steplogic Recordings- a collective poised to release an onslaught of upfront neurofunk and dark rollers that will push the boundaries between genres, and bring dark, techy DnB to a new level of complexity and emotion yet unheard of on the dancefloor.

Dsaga (Steplogic Recordings/EastCoastDnB) - Savannah GA / Flagstaff AZ

Dsaga's style is deeply rooted in his heritage and spiritual foundations. Raised on the Cattaraugus Indian Reservation in upstate New York, his childhood was spent learning the philosopy and life of the Native American, from the ceremonies to the sacred dances of his ancestors. His musical beginnings stemmed from his father, who has been a professional musician and studio engineer for most of his life. He was first brought into the blossoming rave scene in his adolescence- in 1992- when the scene first appeared on American soil. "Punk rock at heart, but saw a glowstick and was a little curious" was his words when he first broke into the scene which would define his future to come. His intoduction to Drum and Bass came through a visit by Carlos Soul Slinger to Savannah in 1996, at which point he, like, Sentinel, had an awakening that would forever focus his life and Drum and Bass and living the life of a junglist. His dark side came out through exploration into the twisted styles of Ed Rush and Optical, Kemal, Dom, and all the premier forefathers of neurofunk, and he honed his skills behind the decks and began to build a name in Savannah. Around this time he began doing events with Sentinel, Kinetic, and Mech, and they forged and alliance, partnership, and friendship which would seal Steplogic as an invincible collective that will work to shape the future of stateside DnB.

In spring 2003 Steplogic Recordings joined forces with EastCoastDnB, in an effort to work toward the common goal of bringing their combined sounds to the Drum and Bass world.

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