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i'm in D.C.

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for today, tomorrow, and the next day. tomorrow i think i'm going to go to the spy museum and go to the diesel store. what else should i do? not museums or monuments, i've been to them all ('cept for the new spy one, which is why i'm going). Any place I should eat? Where's all the "action" at. I can't go partying, because I'm not old enough and I'm with my parents. But I'm out roming on my own wherever I want and wherever the metro will take me.

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There's an area up Wisconsin Ave. heading towards Maryland called Chevy Chase (it's actually 15-20 minutes outside of DC.) They have a Saks 5th Avenue, Versace, Cartier and there's a mall a few blocks up that has Hechts, Gap, etc. I moved away from the area about 6 years ago and haven't really been back, so things may have changed, but from what I recall there are a lot of nice designer boutiques near Saks. Here's the address, everything else should be within walking distance from here:

Mazza Galleria

5300 Wisconsin Avenue


DC 20015



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SHIT! I didn't know there was a SAK's there. I went up there today. I went to a diesel store for the first time ever!!! Sadly, I only liked there jeans. I went to A|X and liked some of there shirts and couple pair of their jeans. But, undoubtably, my favorite store (that I went to) was French Connection. There store kicked ass. I got a t-shirt that says "Too busy to fcuk." :D

I tried of a pair of rabox jeans at diesel ($195) and instantly fell in love and didn't want to take them off. But, I only had $50 on me, so... when I get my $375 from selling my HeadUnit from my jeep I will go back to D.C. (my mom works for the airlines and I can get free tickets, and my aunt lives out here) and buy a pair of jeans at diesel and this shirt I liked at A|X. There was also a shop that carried kangol hats, I might go back and look.

P.S. My mom just said she'll go back with me tomorrow morning (because I told her there was a SAK's :D)!!!!!!!

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