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different regulations for different countries?


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so i don't get it... is america's air more important than europe's? (as if theres a boundary) and is an american life worth more than a non-american??? whats with every country having a completley different set of rules/regulations for cars emissions and safety...

we're all humans, all the air is connected... so what the fuck is going on??

i mean, unless we're talking about different planets with different gravitational pulls... an accident at 70mph is the same in any country... if they really want to get creative, let each country/state/province set their own speed limits, but there should be some sort of international spec all cars are made to...

hell, the UN isn't doing anything else these days, maybe they can bang that out for us... ;)

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the US is the only nation that seems to be ultra picky about importing cars into its nation....the main problems are the DOT and EPA...there is so much redtape that even importing a car that exceeds US safety and emissions standards may fail

and US emissions are not as good as those in the UK....they tax cars based on their CO2 emissions...similar to what california is trying to do

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