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Originally posted by 36

By the way Meathead, Todd has a HOT sister!

Geez, I'm glad someone is looking out for me! :D

So Todd, when am I going to meet your sister? Think about it... having me as part of the Hannah family. It'd be like a dream come true for you I'm sure! Little meatheads running around everywhere at Christmas and such.

I just had Fresh City for lunch. It was good, but it's no Quiznos. And I completely forgot to not eat meat :blown:

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Originally posted by 36

Hey Fester! How are you? I'll see ya tomorrow night!

Karla, most people around here know that we're together, so I'd appreciate it if you'd clarify your gender under your screenname...I get enough flack around here for being FABULOUS, ambiguity of your gender won't help me. :)

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Originally posted by 36

That is pretty funny!!

Meathead, I have to look out for you! Since, we all have to live vicariously thru you and Phil!!

Hopefully I'll actually start giving you guys something to live for then ;)

:laugh: that nailing Jesus to the cross comment caught me off guard. Nice one!

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Originally posted by groovefire

With the amount of meat I just ate, I might as well have just nailed Jesus to the cross myself.

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

My theory is if God wants me to be happy then he shouldn't have a problem with me eating meat.

Or teamJ5 sucking meat

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