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Top DJ Gear - Booooooooo

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I've been trying to buy a new record bag from these guys for four weeks. I placed an order with them, and after a week, I e-mailed them because I hadn't heard anything about it. Finally, I get a response back saying the bags are on back order and they'll get in contact with me when they get them in. I let two more weeks go by, still nothing, so I e-mail them again. No response. Today is the fourth week, and I e-mailed them again. But fuck them. I found the bag on Satellite so I ordered from them. I e-mailed Top DJ Gear back again and told them to fuck off.

Moral of the story: Top DJ Gear sucks ass. I will never ever try to buy anything from them again. I hope someone breaks into their store and shits in their cash register.

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