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Nitto Sport Compact Spring Nationals in E-Town, NJ

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LOL.. I love the way they mention the big names with corporate sponsors, yet Vinny Ten is never mentioned, even though he's the hometown hero and the guy that singlehandedly kicks tons of ass in his Supra every year @ Englishtown.


drag racing is frightfully boring ;)

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Originally posted by atomicapples

vinny tran is a self sponcered guy...

the guy with the supra? from proformance factory?

titan motorsports?

Vinny Ten = Performance Factory NYC. Titan Motorsports and Powerhouse Racing both have their own Supras.

Yeah, Ten's a serious badass privateer who holds his own.

All these other guys roll up with expensive fancy trailers and support vehicles and here he is with his Supra on an open trailer under a cheapo car cover. Unloads it, runs times that usually put him at the top of his class and then goes back home.

That rocks.

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There was a cool show over at the expo center in Edison (raritan center) the last few years.... I think they will have one this year too... gotta check out first, but I think if they do, its gonna be awesome....

I will post it if it materializes :D

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