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REALITY TV SHOW!! City Soundz "spinning with vision"

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What is City Soundz???

City Soundz is a Nation wide reality TV show focusing on the dance scene with DJs and their vision of music as the focal point. They are underrated talents that keep the dance floors packed and deserve credit through recognition. City Soundz’ main objective

Is to discover and expose talented DJ’s through the process of this contest.

City Soundz and its party crew have pre-qualified ten (10) contestants in each category: Dance and Hip-Hop (total of twenty contestants). City Soundz will cover the following party cities accordingly: NY/NJ, S. Florida, Las Vegas and L.A.

The City Soundz party crew will gauge the DJ talent and effectiveness by interviewing the club audience, promotional teams and staff members. All audience members will give a 1-5 star rating. AMERICA will have the final vote: Once all club audience votes have been reviewed and tallied, AMERCIA at home will be able to cast in their final vote. The DJ with the most stars in their category will advance to the finals. There will be Five (5) finalists in each category and party city.

Once City Soundz has reached their five (5) finalists, City Soundz will hold the the first Annual City Soundz DJ Artist of the Year Awards Show. At the award show all finalists will have a chance to be named City Soundz local and national “DJ Artist of the Yearâ€

To date the controversy still stands: DJ’s have been least recognized in the music industry leaving no outlet for career growth and recognition. The DJ’s art of recreating existing music has been undermined as a talent or hobby. The recreation of music is an art and a vision that we must recognize and honor.

City Soundz will see you at the first Annual DJ Artist Of The Year Award Show!

A City Soundz Production: [email protected]

Copyrigh: 2/01/03 All rights reserved

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