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DJ Dan @ Avalon

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Ok guys, I had to write this before I forget anything even though I just now woke up and I think I may be still drunk, so please excuse any/all grammatical errors. First off, let me just say that the gods of directional prowess were smiling down on us last night...first time I have been to Boston (w/ me driving) and didn't get lost one little bit! Then I was lucky enough to score the last free parking spot on Lansdowne. (HOLY!) So then we got our drink on immediately, and DJ Dan came on around 12, and all I can say is that he was werkin tha crowd, werk-werk-werk-werkin tha crowd! It was amazing. He's fast, too, just a whirlwind of constant motion if you watch him spin, but always a little smile on his face when he watches how the crowd was eating out of his hand. Unbelieveable freaking set---a ton of funky-bassline-ass-shakin-grooves that I'd never heard before. I definitely need the tracklisting for this one or I'll cry. And just like the last time I was up there to see him, the crowd had a much better vibe than at other shows @ Avalon.

***Only (minor) complaint of the night...you can't smoke anywhere in the club anymore!?! Going outside kinda sucked. But I did smoke a lot less than when I usually go out cuz' I didn't wanna miss anything.

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