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Star magazine reports *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake has been dating his 'Rock Your Body' video co-star Staci Flood. "Staci has been seeing Justin for months," a source close to Flood revealed. "They don't go out on public dates because she's not Justin's girlfriend - she's his booty call. She's willing to go along with it. She's crazy about Justin, and she's sure it's just a matter of time before she wins him over completely." A pal added, "She says Justin's as sexy in bed as he is on the dance floor!" Flood also is friends with Britney Spears, and given that reports had Timberlake back with his former girlfriend, news of this romance on the side could erupt into fireworks. A source warned, "If Britney knew what Staci was really doing with Justin, she'd mop the floor with her!"

The Sunday Mirror reports Britney Spears was gutted after learning the tattoo on her hip bone of a Japanese sign meant "strange", not "mysterious" as she had been told. Her friend Taryn Manning, who co-starred in their flop movie 'Crossroads', said: "I was getting changed recently in Japan and women laughed when she saw my tattoo. She told me it means strange, which is not cool. Britney had it done at the same time as me. She was absolutely devastated when I told her."

not that its important or anything... just something to read ;)

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