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Role Models?

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someone brought up an interesting point to me the other day... and it got me thinking...

who are your role models? and do you feel they've influenced you?

do you feel role models are important? do you think "bad" (or nonexistant) role models can lead to problems?

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...i dont necessarily believe in one role model...but many...i see things in certain people that i believe maintain traits/ways of life/etc that i wish to make my own or in the least aspire to...not because i want to be that person but because that thing, that attribute/characteristic/etc is something i feel is what i maintain a goal within myself...they happen to exemplify in that matter that which i wish to become but in my own way ofcourse...i dont know if this is making complete sense but let me supplement it with an example...

My father: he is what i would deem a productive person...everyday he gets up and accomplishes something...he is constantly taking on new projects...whether it be educating himself or putting in a garage door opener...he is extremely efficient and aware that life is short so do not sit around but live...do...act...that is an attribute i aspire to...though unsuccesfully at the moment...it is what i wish i had and want to become a part of me for i respect it and agree with its philosophy...

I do not believe this to be a bad thing...at all...if in the least, my attempt at pulling these traits/characteristics/etc gets me closer to who i want to be, i see no wrong in it...i am getting closer to the person i want to be...and for me, personal growth is quintessential to life...ergo role models in the sense that i see them are positive and productive...

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