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It's Fun, It's Easy, Take This at Home

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Boys & Girls! Are you bored with the current events class at school? Parents and Teachers! Do you have trouble getting children to pay attention? We’re not surprised. So, our educational experts have devised a special pop quiz so easy and accessible that even President Bush could do it! Well, okay, not that easy... but still, pretty easy. C'mon, it's all multiple choice. Plus, our easy scoring system even gives credit for some wrong answers! So, sharpen your pencil, find a comfy chair, and get ready to take...


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1. E, George W. Bush talking to Congress about Saddam Hussein in his State of the Union Address.

2. E, George W. Bush playing like he was talking to the Iraqi people in his State of the Union address.

3. D, Your cousin who signed up for the Reserves to pay for college but just got orders for Iraq, when you were having dinner at your mom's house last week.

4. Both

5. E, Bush spokesman Ari Fleisher.

6. D, The U.S. Army's biological warfare research facilities at Fort Detrick, Maryland.

7. E, Bush just makes this shit up—you didn’t know that?

8. All of the above

9. B, If the war lasts longer, for weeks or months, as many as 260,000 people could die in the conflict and its three-month aftermath, with another 200,000 people at risk for death from famine and disease.

10. C, There will not be a safe place in Baghdad."

11. E, Hitler's right-hand man Joseph Goebbels in the upcoming musical Springtime for Cheney .

12. E, Students all over the country decided to stop all classwork and demand to debate the war.

13. All of the above are possible. Something for all to think about.

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