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AMG's future plans

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AMG is planning a major overhaul of its line-up and engines for its Mercedes projects.

Main points:

1. The ML55 and C32 are dead.

2. AMG will no longer use supercharged V6's or supercharged V8's. It will favor naturally aspirated V8's.

3. A-Class' AMG moniker will be dropped. No more AMG versions of Mercedes C-Class, except for the C30 diesel coupe.

The future lineup consists of a 367hp 5.5 V8 in the SLK (how the fuck it is fitting in there?!), a 600 hp 6.3 V8 in the E-Class, 650hp twin turbo 6.0 V12 in CL and S-Class, and a 700hp twin-turbop V12 in the SL.

The V12 cars will not be a part of Mercedes' official catalog. They will be built to order. Prices will vary according to individual specification, probably creating really strong resale values in the process.

All versions will be equipped with 7-speed automatics.

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i have already seen an SLK 55 about 2 years ago. I don't believe it was a production car but i think a tuner like renntech did the conversion. They took it out on the track and tested it. The results were not that good. The car was really fast in the 1/4 and in straightline driving but was terrible in the slalom and braking test. It was just to heavy in the front and did not handle well.

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