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Favorite Products (Hair, Makeup, etc.)?

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What are a few of your favorite products that you buy over and over again? A few of mine are:

Redken Rewind Hair Paste - I can scrunch it into wet hair to keep my curls from getting frizzy and smooth it on straightened hair to keep it from getting curly again, plus it's so forgiving - if you accidentally put too much on, your hair won't get greasy.

Smith's Rosebud Salve - I will never buy a tube of chapstick again after using this stuff. It smells so good too (like roses.)

Nude/Tannish/Brownish Lip Glosses - it doesn't matter what brand, I've got a ton in all different shades - I love lip gloss in a neutral color.

Wow, I sound like these companies should be paying me to promote their products!

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~ Aveda - Rosmary Mint Shampoo and Conditioner....I don't even have to wear perfume when i use this....smells sooo yummy!

~ Kors, by the man himself. Smells so yummy and unique. I sweat it like no other....

~ not sure who makes it, but it's a nailcolor.....ballet slipper. I've been using it forever, and will never ever stop!

~ Almay Nude Pure Tints....so glossy and dosen't dry your lips

~ Clinique Like Mink eye combo....for night

~ Bourjois. Sepia blusher

~ Prescriptives Clove and Rose Powder eye powder....for day

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hair - matrix sleek and smooth shampoo & conditioner

redken water wax

rusk masque mint balm and babassu treatment

makeup - lancome eyeliner (the kind that twists out)

lancome nailpolish/lipstick blind date

skincare - estee lauder idealist skin refinisher

estee lauder spotlight

perscriptives vibrant

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I've been using Mary Kay products for like 2 months now and its fabulous!!! The best part is that their makeup isn't oil based, you don't even feel like you have any makeup on and here's the best part it has SPF protection!!! They have so many great things, well now not only do I use it but I also sell it! If anyone wants more info, PM me

they also have stuff for guys :eek:

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