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Beautiful skin .. best make up!

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I came across this article today and thought it be a

good idea to put it up for all of you to read... Enjoy!!

DAILY SKIN CARE: BEAUTIFUL SKIN IS THE BEST MAKE-UP..... Beautiful skin is the best make up, I am sure all will agree to this. Few of us are born with perfect skin and everyday life does nothing to improve it. Heriditary factors are here to stay, but you can influence how your skin looks and feels. With just a few regular, rythmic and pleasant routines, you can keep your skin looking fresh and young.

A healthy glowing complexion is the most important attribute of a natural beauty. Beauty care starts with the skin. The first step, then, would be to take care of what you put on the inside, because it shows up on the outside!

Most skin problems start with the kidneys. So flush out your system with plenty of water and eat foods with high iodine content like carrots, beetroot and other leafy vegetables.

An ideal way to start your day is with a glass of water with a twist of lime and 1 tsp. honey. Have a glass of carrot juice since winters are here. Drink at least 10-12 glasses of water the rest of the day; it not only improves digestion but also clears out toxins from your body. Once the toxins are out the result is on the outside-Your Skin Reflects Good Health!! Have plenty of fresh and natural foods which are full vitamins and minerals. Junk food is one of your skin’s greatest enemies.

There are mainly three types of skins: Dry, oily and possibly the largest group - the combination skin. A normal skin is seldom found except in small children. Some have a very sensitive skin which is allergic to chemicals, perfume, colouring matter, and other ingredients in make-up. Each of the skin requires its own beauty action, but there are four main rules to follow no matter what your skin is like:







Your beauty rack should have a-good cleanser, tonner and a moisturiser. Cover or pin back your hair away from your face or best use a headband, even a showercap will do. Wash your face with a good face wash. A cleansing tissue dipped in raw milk+rose water is the best. But now days there are shops filled with face washes...so always go for a branded one.

Start cleansing from the base of your neck and use upward strokes. I have an oily skin so I have tried a couple of cleansers. Among them I found Biotique’s pineapple fruit gel, Synergie’s gentle cleansing milk(with the extract of mango and vitamin E)pretty effective. If your skin is sensitive try a baby lotion. A luxurious home-made cleanser is a mixture of an egg yolk+two tsps of almond oil.


As cleansing opens up the pores it is very essential to close these pores so an astringent is a must. I use Lakme’s astringent, its great! But when I run out of it chilled water with a dash of rose water too is simply amazing.


Each skin needs moisturising, including oily skins. I use Synergie’s Almond enriched cream. Almond oil rich in protiens and vitamins soften your skin and gives it a healthy glow. Vitamin E keeps it baby smooth. Lightly massage onto the skin in a circular and upward movement. Therefore the result is-’’A beautiful radient complexion’’.

I’ll wind up with my 6 step guide to a BEAUTIFUL SKIN....

1.Daily cleansing is very very essential .

2.Keep the sun out and the moisture in......Protect yourself from the burning rays of the sun(uv rays cause long term skin damage)

3.Consume lots of fresh and natural fruits and green veggies...try out delicious low cal recipes!!

4.10 glasses of water+a lot of fruit juices is a must to flush out all toxins.

5.Natural sleep for 7-8 hrs everyday is a must.

6.Any form of exercise whatever suits you-a brisk walk, gym, aerobics, yoga is a must everyday.....

Lastly I believe every individual in this world has a unique place and is special. SELF CONFIDENCE and POSITIVENESS in life plays a great role too. The more you smile along with practicing these steps I can assure you that the result is going to be much faster........


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