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Car & Driver Test: Audi TT, Z4, S2000, 350Z, Boxter...

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i pretty much agree with the review... its not fast enough stock... and compared to all the other cars in that review, its got a lot less power and a smaller engine...

however, it does have great potential, and finding a nice 2001 like i did will drop the price significantly...

i wouldn't recommend it to someone whos going to leave it stock... you'd be better off with a 350z or something... for mod-junkie's like myself, its definately a great car...

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As I expected. The japs take it for performance at a reasonable price. I just can't see paying so much for german brands when i can get more for less.

I'm suprised they didn't throw a vette convertible in there. The TT didn't belong in that test. It's a soulless bitch of a sportscar.

A sheep in wolf's clothing.

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