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Sal [1:53 AM]: what do the fartcans do?

ED [1:54 AM]: lol

ED [1:54 AM]: its a big ass molson canada bear can welded ot the exhaust

Sal [1:54 AM]: and what does it do?

ED [1:54 AM]: nothing

Sal [1:54 AM]: just for looks?

ED [1:54 AM]: i guess the guy put it there to be funny

Sal [1:56 AM]: what if i put a reddog can on free golf?

ED [1:56 AM]: asshole

ED [1:56 AM]: your an idiot

Sal [1:56 AM]: why?

ED [1:56 AM]: you begining to sound like chris

ED [1:56 AM]: LOL

Sal [1:56 AM]: why?

Sal [1:56 AM]: i dont get it.

ED [1:56 AM]: it does nothing

ED [1:56 AM]: it just funny

ED [1:56 AM]: and mad loud

Sal [1:57 AM]: so why cant i put a reddog thing on there. or redbull?

ED [1:59 AM]: you can

ED [1:59 AM]: but you will need to get it welded

Sal [1:59 AM]: why?

ED [2:00 AM]: how else are you going to put it on?

ED [2:00 AM]: http://forums.nasioc.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=393471

Sal [2:12 AM]: grrrrrrrrrrosss

ED [2:13 AM]: iuts nice

Sal [2:13 AM]: nt for me.

ED [2:13 AM]: i guess

Sal [2:13 AM]: doesnt mean there not nice just not my taste.

ED [2:13 AM]: i know

ED [2:13 AM]: its mad light

ED [2:14 AM]: amazing 16 pounds

Sal [2:14 AM]: youll break him in nyc

Sal [2:14 AM]: damn thats lite.

ED [2:14 AM]: yea

ED [2:14 AM]: THEY ARE NOT mad for nyc

ED [2:14 AM]: they are probably good if i lived in ohio

Sal [2:14 AM]: so why do you want to buy themn?

ED [2:14 AM]: i dont

ED [2:14 AM]: i just think they are nice

Sal [2:14 AM]: so why are you asking if they have 18x8.5 and if they fit on your car

ED [2:15 AM]: cuz i want to get 18x8.5

ED [2:15 AM]: i want to see if they will fit

Sal [2:15 AM]: you just said you dont want them...

ED [2:15 AM]: i dont

ED [2:15 AM]: im never going to buy rims

Sal [2:15 AM]: dude are you fuckin high

ED [2:15 AM]: i cant afford it

Sal [2:15 AM]: you just said you want them in 18.8.5

ED [2:15 AM]: your fucking high

Sal [2:15 AM]: why if youre not going to buy them?

ED [2:15 AM]: i sooner or later i will get rims

Sal [2:16 AM]: you just said youll never get them...

ED [2:16 AM]: but its like one of those questions i always wondered if they will fit

Sal [2:16 AM]: are youf uckin with me?

ED [2:16 AM]: forget it...

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