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AUG 15th - 4,3,2,1...John Kelley and Simply Jeff on a 2

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4,3,2,1...John Kelley and Simply Jeff on a 2x4!!!

4 turntables, 3 mixers, 2 djs playing at the same time, 1 kick ass night!!!

John Kelley and Simply Jeff combine their powers to tear the roof off of Nation!

John Kelley

John Kelley's sound can be defined as hard, intense, funky, tribal,

uncompromising, even beautiful. Whether spinning tribal techno, house, breakbeat, or anything in between, John inspires spirited movement of the body, mind and soul. As one of Moontribe's two original resident DJs, John helped create the early sound and memories that has more or less made Moontribe legendary. John's underground profile led to a higher profile and a relationship with Moonshine Music. After 10 years John's sound has continued to morph, always one step ahead, following the cutting edge of hard techno funk. He recently finished the Mixer magazine's United DJs of America compilation and is delving more into the studio with several singles slated to come this year.

Simply Jeff -

Simply Jeff has been representing the breakbeat scene across the globe. This California native DJs and produces an eclectic blend of breaks that complements house, techno, trance, and drum n'bass into a well rounded breakbeat sound. Known as one of the pioneers of the funky break/west coast breakbeat house sound" in Simon Reynold's novel "Generation Ecstasy", as

well as a resident breakbeat writerfor BPM magazine, he also runs the Phonomental Music label. Simply Jeff has worked from day one at crossing the lines of breaks with many different artists such as the godfather of hip-hop Afrika Bambaatta, 80's pop star Stacey Q, Andrew Dice Clay to Snoop Doggy Dogg as well as developing his side projects, Divine Frequency, S.J.P.

and the Phonoheadz.





more info on www.codedc.com

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