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As you might know, I live in St.Louis. This is the city of nothingness. The midwest is so far behind the east/west coast that it isn't even funny, and the only stores here are a&f/ae (and I don't like either of them). So, I thought my prayers were answered when I saw a Buckle store at the local mall. I finally have a place to buy lucky/mavi jeans and such. Then I get bored and lost taste in lucky's and they only carry like 3 different styles of mavi.

Well, yesterday I went to the largest mall in the whole St. Louis area (St. Louis Galleria) and saw this store called "splash," that I had never seen before. It looked kinda like a girls only store so I didn't go in the first time. The second time around, however, I saw a really cool puma pull-over and had to go in and check it out. Low and behold it was also a guys store. A guys store that stocked mavi, sherman, paperdenim&cloth, blue marlin, and much much more.

Moral of the story: St. Louis isn't totally stupid anymore, just mostly stupid.


1. St. Louis totally sucks.

2. Found a cool store.

3. St. Louis still sucks, but not as much as before.

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