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Makelele to Chelsea??


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He s only earning 20,000 pounds a week!

Zidane , Beckham, etc all make 5x!! that amount in

a week....

Real Madrid has GOT to pay this man at LEAST 60,000 english

pounds a week,,,, he s the BEST at his position in the world,

better than Edgar Davids, Gernario Gatusso, over the hill-Roy

Keane, Philip Cocu, etc


New owner Abramovich has offered Claude Makelele

3 million euros/season to play for Chelsea.....

If he leaves Real won t win SHIt this season.....

without him... they nothin.. they need him more than

Beckham, or FIgo, or Ronaldo.....



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that over rated, shitty left winger

Budewijn Zenden will leave Chelsea

maybe to Inter, but Inter s first choice is

Kily Gonzalez of Valencia who s

insnaly better than Zenden...

n Gonzalez was one of Hector Cuper s fav players

from his time at Valencia.....

Zenden can also go to Lazio,Bordeaux, Fenerbache (where he

belongs), ajax, n PSV.....


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Carles Puyol, the best defender along with

Micheal Reizinger that FC Barcelona have,

is WHORING himslef out to


tellin any one who will listen what an honor it would

be to play for either team.....

who cares if Barca has a deficit of over 150 million euros,

U think 15 million euros is gonna make a difference???

a drop in the bucket.....fuck that!

Man utd cant afford to pay 15 million , second richest

club in the world??:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: ya OK!!!

Puyol is worth over 25 million euros...

Puyol staywith Barca!!

Fernando Moreintes of Real Madrid

is looking to transfer to either Lyon( in france, WTF??)

or Roma (better team, but a disaster finanically, n legal probs)


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makelele ~~~> i agree, given that he is the best in his position according to FIFA, he should be paid more. w/o him there is no one in the real madrid side that can congest the other teams midfield as he does. again, real madrid weakness is his defence, if makelele leaves, madrid , for all its creating power and ability to score, will suffer in the back. however, the IDIOT signed a 6 year contract that stipulated that he would get paid that amount. tuf luck. if he got injured and didnt play for a whole year, he would still get paid 20,000 pounds a week. fucking moron, that is what i hate about players being so gready.

zenden ~~~> i could care less where he ends up. hopefully he will go to waste at inter.

puyol ~~~> he will only leave barcelona if barcelona lets him go. all depends on barcelona, if they want to continue paying him his contract, then he will stay, if they don't then he will go. i hope he stays at barcelona, even though i hate barcelona, but one thing that made barcelona, barcelona was the home grown talent that was always in the squad. guardiola, ferrer, amor, celades etc. they seem to have lost that in the last few years and they should work in getting it back. man u.? fuck 'em.

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Real Madrid just annoucned that Makalele

has "mental problems"

tryin to soil thh good man s name..

fuck Real.....

HE prob gonna be sold on Monday to Chelsea....

CHelsea tryin to buy Hernan Crespo..

(Y is chelsea jocken Inter? first tthey try with

Chritian Vieri, n now Hernan Crespo)

Crespo also has the same agent as

Juan Sebastian Veron......!


Is Chelsea the english version of real madrid?

buyin the best in the world?

THe y got that stud of a striker Adrian Mutu,

Joe Cole, n La Bruijita Veron.....

now goin after Crespo...

I wouldn t be suprised if Luis Figo heads to CHelsea next year

(this is his last year at Real) he s always wanted to play

in England, n improve his english..


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anyway, i think real madrid is again doing a messy job of resolving issues internally. apparently makelele had asked for pay raises a few times before in the past. while i see where real is coming from (he signed a 6 year contract 4 years ago) given what he has done for the club and his increased importance because they refuse to buy decent defenders and instead go for the money makingplayers, they should have increased his salary in order to keep him in the squad.

they messed up with the handling of del bosque and hierro and it looks like they are messing up with makelele. who knows, once real's defence starts leaking goals all over the place they will reconsider and either give him a raise or sell him in order to use those funds to go buy a good defender.

i still think that real madrid gained nothing with buying ronaldo last year and wouldve been MUCH better going after nesta. sure, nesta doesnt sell that many t-shirts as ronaldo, but real madrid wouldve been a more complete team with him.

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