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Great Article on Danny Howells

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I especially like this part :D:bounce:

New York City – Arc

If Boston was an appetizer, New York is the main course. In the two years since Howells started his residency at the unassuming club on Hubert Street – formerly Vinyl, and now Arc – he's earned a loyal group of regulars (“Arcoholicsâ€) who get their musical fix on the last Saturday of every month. Throughout his set Howells remains ever the humble and gracious professional, repeatedly taking the time to shake the outstretched hands of his fans and pause between mixes to sign autographs.

From the start, there's an excitement in the air. With the added anticipation that this is an album release party, hardcore Howells fans are out in droves to see what he has in store this time. As Sam Paganini's tribal ride “Into Africa†courses through the room, more 24:7 t-shirts and turntable slip-mats are flying out of the booth courtesy of the perpetually energetic DJ. Throughout the evening, he plays some of the same records heard in his Montreal set. Amazingly though, he weaves them together so differently that the night has an entirely different energy. New Yorkers have never shied away from the darker side of dance music, and Howells knows his crowd will follow him, no matter how far he goes into the realm of gritty, minimal techno.

Howells highlights hours of pounding techno with records like Jonathan Hart's “Vices,†a driving monster of a track built around a vocal hook that says simply, “sex, drugs, and techno.†Later in the night, the vocally warped “It's Up To You†by Layo & Bushwacka rips through the room, paving the way for an even more unexpected vocal appearance by Björk when Howells plays an unreleased mix of “Human Behavior.â€

By 9am, the room is still full, but sadly it's closing time. Once again, Howells turns to British downtempo geniuses, Bent for his final record, this time choosing to close with “Ordinary Day.†When the record finishes, Howells leaves the booth and joins the crowd on the dance floor, a clear demonstration of the appreciation he feels for his fans. As he shakes hands and humbly accepts thanks, another epic New York night comes to a close. Tonight's set tonight demonstrated even farther what Aria and Avalon showed before - that no matter where Danny Howells is, and what the crowd is like, he can defy genres and build incredible energy out of simple slabs of plastic.

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Originally posted by tinybutterfli

Why do they have a pic from Miami when the article is about Montreal, Boston & New York? :confused:

That mohawk look isn't for him! :laugh:

maybe he was way to cracked out after those 3 gigs the only decent pic they had of him was from miami? :confused:

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Danny Howells is not only talented, but he is sweet and crazy at the same time! That man can party hard. We partied with him at Space 34 at the WMC 2003 closing parties and had sooo much fun! He's a great guy with a great attitude and his music freakin rocks!


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