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Skool'd 2 The re-education 9/27/03 Springfield MA

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JOSH WINK (Ovum Records, PA)


Josh Wink has always run ahead of the pack, as a DJ, label owner, producer, remixer, and artist. With the release of Profound Sounds Vol. 2, Wink continues to forge ahead, challenging established conventions of what a mix CD should be, not only by remaining true to his mercurial aesthetic as a DJ, but also taking advantage of technology to fine-tune his selections into the best possible recorded representation of Josh Wink. "I'm not one for holding people to one specific genre; I love being on the median in between." says Wink. But making Profound Sounds Vol. 2 didn't just begin and end with picking the tracks and sequencing them in a suitable order. After that step, he tailored every cut to meet his specific requirements for this mix. "Every track is re-edited as a Josh Wink re-edit. I don't end up compromising the integrity of the original art, I just altered it to fit my contour." Only after customizing each song was he ready to record the final version of the set. "In a sense, I did the mix twice," he observes. The new disc even includes a rare interview with the Winkster himself. Diehard Wink fans expect nothing less from this artist, who has been breaking new ground for the past two decades. In the late 1980s and early '90s, when most of the U.S. was just waking up to rave culture, Wink was already making his own tracks ("Tribal Confusion" by E-Culture, with his former partner King Britt) and hauling his records around the country to spin at parties. In 1995, Wink became one of the first DJ-producers to translate his hard work into mainstream success, when he unleashed a string of classics, including "Don't Laugh," "I'm Ready," and "Higher State of Consciousness," that topped charts worldwide, and made him a bona fide pop star in Europe. On his 1998 album, HereHear, Wink pushed boundaries even further, inviting fellow artists as diverse as Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails), Caroline Crawley (Shelleyann Orphan/This Mortal Coil), and Philly poet-performer Ursula Rucker (Jazzanova, The Roots), to contribute to a far-reaching disc that ran the gamut of electronic music styles, from ambient and trip-hop to drum & bass, as well as the trademark mix of house and techno on which Wink has built his international reputation.Some of his newer anthems are "How's your evening so far" and most recently "Superfreak", both of which continue his tradition of making distinct music that catches people's ears and inspires others to compose their own music. He recently remixed "Blue Jeans" for Ladytron, Paul Oakenfold's "Starry Eyed Surprise," and Depeche Mode's "Free Love." and is also working with G Love and Special Sauce. If you missed him @ Alive in 1999 or Aww Yeah in 2001 don't sleep on this rare area appearance! One the true east coast legends and a professor of the house/techno sound to the extreme we will be very honored by his presence as he absorbs you all and turns the party out once more! 2:30-4:00AM

RICHARD "HUMPTY" VISSION (www.richardhumptyvission.com, LA)

Electrifying audiences everywhere with his rapid fire, non-stop audio assaults for over a decade; this world-renowned producer, DJ and Grammy-nominated remixer, it only takes one Vission-ary experience to see why Pete Tong calls RHV one of the most incredible DJs in the world. Numerous compilations, tours, remixes and original productions made Richard an international sensation almost overnight. Producing an endless onslaught of chart-topping remixes for artists like Nelly Furtado, Destiny's Child, and Crystal Waters, Richard's presence at the top of the charts has been a familiar one over the past ten years. Entrenched in the scene as an underground icon, Richard soon found himself appearing on MTV. Of course, Richard performing on stage alongside Madonna at the 2001 Grammy Awards continues to stand out. With his hi-profile remixes of Madonna's Don't Tell Me and Music singles earning Richard a Grammy nomination as Remixer of the Year, Madonna herself requested that Richard perform alongside her to kick-start the nationally televised Grammy ceremony in true underground style. Eager to get in the studio and focus more on original productions, Richard will complete a full-on album before the year is out. I have dedicated my life to the pursuit of dance music, Richard explains. And my only goal for the future is to create music that will touch someone's soul and make their ass shake! Making a rare Asylum appearance get ready to go off for the RHV! 1:00-2:30AM

DJ FUNK (Funk Recordings, Dance Mania, Chicago)

Hands down the booty will be bouncin'. A instructor of sorts, Funk lays that ass down to educate all in a slightly different fashion :P But no matter what, it's always a party when Funk's in town. Wild things happen when the king of booty house takes the stage. Funk encompasses a party like no other man can and his ghetto booty shakin' anthems are known around the globe. It's tough work being a pimp so make the man feel the NE vibe and represent that funky stuff! 12:00-1:00AM

MICHAEL MYERS (611 records, Local 13, Club Deco, 02 Prod PA)

Philadelphias #1 trance dj has never missed the chance to devastate a Columns of Knowledge dance floor. From Toronto to Tokyo and everywhere inbetween this man has one goal in mind: household name. It's always a pleasure to have him back in town to show you how he does it Philly style!


DAVE APUZZO (Amp, Slipmatt Tour, 972 Records, TN)


Back for more... having rocked Genuine, Bangin', and Positive, Dave is back with us once again to bring his epic trance sound back to Asylum once again this time main room style. Hard at work in the studio for 972 Records and touring the USA, Dave's a sure shot every time! Represent to the max this southern trance legend! 10:30PM-12:00AM

KNOWLEDGE (www.columnsofknowledge.com, Columns of Knowledge Recordings,CT)

CT's most recognized name comes back to bring it home once more with his signature sound of techno and house. Rockin LA, Seattle, NYC, NC, NV or his home town circuit, it's all in a days work with delivering the goods on ampy yet intelligent slammin' tracks with effects overlapped. With his licensed cd released this yr as well as more vinyl in the pipeline co-produced w/ James Miller Junior it never stops round the clock...til the sun comes up and sometimes not even then. Your host and head instructor:Knowledge 4:00-5:00AM

PAULY (www.sympty.com, East Music, PA/NY)

Spinning a mixture of hard progressive trance and techno, DJ Pauly brings a high level of intensity with every set perfect for closing out this memorable event! His latest CD, a dual compilation with Frankie Bones, entitled "DJ's United for America" has been a very popular release gaining a lot of play across the country. Also responsible for some NYC/NJ/ and PA's larger events he is always on the move. Look for his next cd later this fall 5:00-6:00AM

DIGITECH EXPERIENCE (Machinegun Records/Los Angeles CA)

Jeff Ryan rocks the dance circuit in LA and is hard at work on his new record label. Don't sleep on this out of town experience. 9:45-10:30PM

JAMES MILLER JUNIOR (columnsofknowledge.com/IMAGINE!)

All over the US (and now Canada), James has delivered consistently sick sets and tonight @ Skoold he's gonna teach you another lesson in the history of The Filter Disko House Movement. Pumpin relentless hands-in-the-air anthems, turntable trickery, and zaney stage antics make JMJ a must have!!! 9:00-9:45PM


ROC RAIDA (1995 World DMC Champion, The X-Ecutioners, NY)

Roc Raida started Dee jaying in 1992 at the age of 10. The combination of his determination and the insparation he drew from being around hip hop originators like Grand Master Flash led him down a path of absolute passion for the art of the turntables. Some of his early winnings included: "As One" 1991 1st Place, "Supermen Battle" 1991 2nd Place and DMC US Finals 1992 2nd Place. Roc Raida's quest culminated in the 1994 / 1995 DMC World Championship in London where he was crowned as 1995 DMC World Champion. After becoming the world champ, Raida found himself traveling to places like Turkey, Singapore, the UK, Japan, Switzerland, Australia, Germany, and even Lebanon to exhibit his skills. This past year while attending a DJ panel at Cleveland's Rock-N-Roll hall of fame, Roc Raida was christened a Grand Master by some of Hip Hop's founding fathers. He has been on Queen Latifah's TV show, Saturday Night Life, and Russell Simmons "One World". In addition to DJing, Raida has become a successful producer - coming up with buttery tracks for The E-Bros, The Jungle Brothers, Leftfield and Macy Gray (Still). Roc Raida is one of the founders of the X-Men DJ Crew and one of the four pillars of strength that makes up the X-ecutioners. With an album "X-pressions" (Asphodel Records) and another album 'Built From Scratch" released fall of 2000, Roc Raida and the X-ecutioners hope to raise the importance of their craft to a new level. 2:30-4:00AM

DJ WHO (Tribe Limited UK, CMJ, Midtown Records, 2AM MD)

Back at Asylum for the 1st time over a year, this Baltimore breaks blaster has been a highly influential part of our culture for a decade now with no signs of letting up. From the beginning his production work was earning his attention from such breaks notables as the Chemical Brothers and Bassbin Twins. From his early work on Defective he graduated to his own label SNS (Shaken Not Stirred) which turned out the funk for many years. His recent work includes a collaboration with Huda Hudia aptly named Whoda Whodia. Never stopping his constant evolution, Dj Who marks his first COK performance with class dropping what's guranteed to be a memorable performance in our breakbeat chamber. 1:00-2:30AM

TODD BUCKLER (Che, www.toddbuckler.com, Columns of Knowledge Recordings, MA) VS CATEGORY 5 (formerly known as MDMA) (Operation Breakbeat, CT) w/ MC JOSIAH INTALLEKT

With the success of the "Pillow Talk" 12" put out on our own Columns of Knowledge Recordings (through the special DNB imprint 'inner strength') and his record on Terpsichore "CHE" is FINALLY coming out, the flame never goes out as his next EP is due this fall on Inner Strength as well. Now Todd finds himself hard at work on the CHE hip hop project with Josiah, going into the studio with downbeat labelmate Eskmo, and getting ready for the release of his second album of all original production thru True Rekkids in collaboration with COK! Expect nothing but power moves from the Mighty Mr. Buckler as he prepares to CRUSH the backroom of asylum once again, this time with his good friend Category 5. Category 5 has been bringing it legit for a decade strong now and from his early efforts to today's total audio assault you know you are in for skillz beyond recognition. Working it to help co-host this event and room his love of the underground sounds come through when it's time to get down to business and wreck shop. It's gonna be sick when these two combine their talents, experience, and dedication to culture. Y'all know the drill! As if this wasn't enough they will be joined by NE's #1 MC. Whether he's rocking the mainfloor of Asylum with Buckler and Hive, Rocking the back room with Storm and A-Sides, or hes simply doing hip hop shows with Esoteric or Inspectah Deck of Wu Tang Clan, Josiah is definetly in high demand. Hip Hop and Drum N Bass comes to this MC naturally, and his growing fan base agrees completely. When not in the studio with Buckler working on the album, hes playing shows all through out the east coast, being requested by both US and UK DJ's. Tonight he gets to brock out with his two favoret NE DNB DJ's! BLOODCLOT 12:00-1:00AM

BREAKA DAWN (www.btownsound.com, Operation Breakbeat, CT)

The other half of Operation Breakbeat knows how to get nasty with a quickness droppin' breakbeat bass bombs on that dome like napalm. Standing behind her sound and helping co-host the breaks/dnb room for her second outing now with us this lady is tearing up spots all over NY, NE and beyond. Don't miss another rockin the body performance! 11:00-12:00AM

ESKMO (TheHelixnetwork.com, Downbeatproductions.com, CT)

This producer / live p.a. artist has been intensly writing DnB, downtempo, and alien landscapes since 1997. During that time, Eskmo has self released numerous singles, 3 full length albums, and a couple 12" recordings under DOWNBEAT. His rugged performances focus on utilizing all original music as another level of communication. 10:00-11:00PM

ENDO (GSP Entertainment, Ravers Only, www.btownsound.com, VT)

Mike aka Endo is Burlington VT's leader of 2nd generation breakbeat djs. Within the past two years he has been able to make leaps and bounds in the New England rave scene playing for every promoter in the region more than once, building of following of drum-heavy fanatics, and managing to play some of the area's biggest events to date. Peep his new mix "Graveyard Shift". He also hosts the late show on Vermont's WRUV, featuring a weekly breaks showcase. Back with us for the 1st time since Happy Holidays 2U, we welcome back one of upper NE's finest! 4:00-5:00AM

DL (truecrew.com/IMAGINE!)

That's right, a lesson in scratch box breaks right here! DL, and his magical fingers are def gonna dish out a set of truely spectacular beats - 1-4-Da-Rekawd-Bookz 5:00-6:00AM

W.I.T.? (Raversonly, NY/NJ)

A true drum and bass pioneer, DJ W.i.T?'s seamless mixing, razor sharp cuts, and pure dance floor mayhem is what to expect when this New Jersey native gets behind the decks. 9:00-10:00PM


DELIRIUM (Masters of Hardcore Rec-Holland, www.djdelirium.com, Psychotik Records, Megarave, Versatile Groove, Mgmt, Traxtorm Rec-Italy)

One of America's favorite Gabber DJs is coming back to the Asylum once again after a long wait to rock the crowd! Anyone who's ever seen DJ Delirium knows about his tight scratching and very smooth mixing. Be sure to pick up his new CD entitled "Dedicated To The Core" available at www.djdelirium.com and select record stores around the globe. 1:00-2:00AM

CIRCUIT BREAKER (Philadelphia, PA - Hard To Swallow, Telekinetic, Sympty)

Record release for HTS 009 - friends of DJuggy. One of the most familair names in techno, breaker has been taking the USA by storm, releasing 13 records in less than 3 years and always in demand, circuit breakers performances are ground breaking, leaving the crowd fiending on the dancefloor. Come and get an education, you can't hate playas.


DJ ERICA STONE (Philadelphia, PA - Hate Love Records, Stickman Records, HTS)

Record release for HLR 001 - hypnotic poison. Erica has been gaining steady recognition on the east coast for her natural musical talent. She is an accomplished dj, vocalist and has recieved great reviews on her first ep. Erica is the first female label owner in the Phila history and has pioneered the way for other females in the city. She will pull you gracefully through a deep and dark body journey with a track selection that is enthralling as her spirit. 3:30-4:45AM

DEMOLITION feat: MIDAS vs JACK MCDEVITT (Fortune 500, Telekinetic, NH)

Don't piss off these guys... they might go loco. Nah just kidding but in all seriousness the sound system is never the same when these 2 are done just fucking the shit out of the crowd with their blend of house, breaks, techy filth. They bring it down with their yrs of experience. Midas has been a pillar rockin jams since early 90's and Jack's residency in NYC and his Wed weekly are enough to testify he has what it takes. Presented side by side this is just gonna be plain disgusting! OMG 2:00-3:30AM

JEN MAS (NY, ADAM Recordings, Vitus prod)

Gabber delivered with a vengeance! Between scratching, getting on tons of big flyer shows, building a traveling fanbase and even throwing events, this lady just doesn't stop the insanity! We are stoked to have her on this show as we see large things for her future. Not like you were... but don't sleep on this lady. Intense doesn't begin describe it! 12:00-1:00AM


(Topaz records, Dub Base records, Digital Entrapment, www.dj-exodus.com -NYC)

Get ready for one of the hardest muthaf*ckaz on the east coast! Exodus' bangin' US Hardhouse/Hardcore style ,ridiculous scratching skills and turntable tricks have taken him all across the US, Canada, Mexico and even Italy! The eastcoast headbanger is in full effect so be prepared for a floor stompin' hands in the air set of pure energy and HARD ASS BEATS!!! 11:00-12:00AM

GOOD FELLA (Liquid Fire Productions www.liquidfireny.com, Mars Graf-x www.marsgraf-x.com)

Bringin' his hard hitting techno style that is much in demand. A quick rising star of the upstate massiv! 10:00-11:00PM

ADRENALIN (Joyryde / JoyrydeStudios.com VT)

Adrenalin is known for his hammering hard techno sets, but has also been known to surprise people with the occasional deep progressive journey. Also in the works is Route 66 Productions, a collaborative venture that will include event promotion, booking, studio productions and more. 4:45-5:45AM

Echostar (Illusion Productions, NY)

Red hot techno up and comer who'll be around for yrs to come! 9:00-10:00PM


JOHN WIN (Growroom Records MA)

Six days a week, John is the smiling face you'll see when you walk into the Growroom. This summer he has also been busy playing at "Breathe" Thursdays in Springfield, and "House on the Rocks on Friday". Look for vinyl this yr on local imprints Mother Tongue & Inuendo. 1:00-2:45AM

MICHAEL MAXIM (www.slipmattour.com , MD/NV)

From his beginning in the early 90's this dj has learned what it takes to move crowds. A positive members of the Slipmatt Tour and a welcome addition at this event it's gonna be sick! 4:15-5:15AM

CRAIG HARRIS (www.cousinsproductions.com, NY)

Combining banging techno with hints of classics along with some blips and beeps, Mr. Harris will make your feet move and your head bop! 1/2 of the team behind the imfamous Kind serious will be bringing the NY flava to NE. 12:00-1:00AM

DJ FAME (www.simplybangin.com, exit records, nyc)

Fame has mastered his style of pounding hard funky house combined with tight cuts and scratches. His energetic and funky scratch sets are becoming notorious!

Lookout for his first record release on Exit Records. 2:45-4:15AM

JOEY FLOWZ (Versatile Mgmt, Raversonly.com, NJ)

Techno from and old skooler who knows. Feel that bass hum! 11:00-12:00AM

DJDASH (Essential Elements & Metro DJ's, NY)

Funky house and breaks! 10:00-11:00PM

LISSETTE MARCADO (www.turnagainheights.com, CT)

Hard trance kickoff from this awesome local flava! 9:00-10:00PM

DATE: SEPT 27th 2003


VENUE: ASYLUM 1592 Main St Springfield, MA

DIRECTIONS: www.columnsofknowledge.com

INFOLINE: 203-287-8398

WEB: www.columnsofknowledge.com

AIM/EMAIL: [email protected]

Get on the mailing list!


Don't forget main floor now has even more crystal clear SOUND!!!!


TICKETS: $26 advance

$31 door.


CT: Spiritual Emporium 860-524-9719


Satellite 617-536-5482

No-Name 617-236-0335 (ph # might be changing)

Boston Beat  617-247-2428

Growroom 413-529-9296


Luna Sea 401-272-5862

NY: Satellite 212-995-1744

VT: Joyryde 802-863-9166 www.joyrydestudios.com

NH/ME: www.bullmoose.com log on for an outlet near you

ONLINE: www.spinfoil.com

RELEASES from Columns of Knowledge Recordings:

COK001 Todd Buckler "Pillowtalk/Cold"

COK002 Bam Bam "Head Trauma"

COK003 Knowledge/Ezrah "Blueprint Training"

COK004 Venom "The Floorbanger"

COK 005 cd Dj Knowledge "LIVE @ BOO 7" in stores NOW

COK006 Todd Buckler cd "Running Scared Under a Falling Sky"


from Vermont, upper western MA etc: Take 91 South to exit 7 (downtown). Go left off the ramp. Make a left at the 3rd light onto Main St. Go 3 blocks at the Asylum will be on your left side at the corner of Main/Worthington. from RI: take RT 146 North to 90 West. Take 90W to exit 6 for 291W. Take 291W until it merges with 91S. Take 91S to exit 7. Go left off the ramp. Make a left on Main St. Go 3 blocks and the club is on your left. from Boston, Worcester MA points: take 90W to exit 6 for 291W. Take 291W to 91S. Take 91S to exit 7. Go left off the ramp. Go left on Main St. Club will be on your left after 3 blocks. from Maine and New Hampshire pts: take 95S to 495S to 290 W to 90W. Take 90W to 291W to 91S. Take 91S to exit 7. Make a left off the ramp. Make a left on Main St. Go 3 blocks. Club is on the left. from Upstate NY:

Take 87N or 87S to 90E. Take 90E in Massachusetts. Get off exit 4 which is RT5 South. Take that for 5 miles until you get to the 147W exit. Sign will say West Springfield.Agawam. Go around the rotary and

over the bridge into Springfield. Go left on Main St. Go 3 blocks and the club will be on your left. Thanks

from CT, NYC, PA, NJ etc: take 95N to 91N. 91N into MA and take exit 4. Go through 5 lights and make a right on Worthington St. Club is 1/2 block down on left.

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