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Dems are damaging U.S. more than any enemy or ideology


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The Democrats' counter-revolution

Dennis Prager (archive)

September 9, 2003 | Print | Send

At the Democratic presidential candidates' debate in New Mexico last week, the Democratic Party publicly rejected the motto of our country, e pluribus unum, "out of many, one." The Democratic Party has declared war on the centuries-long revolution of coalescing people of every ethnic, linguistic, racial and religious background into a new, non-ethnic entity known as American.

For the first time in American history, a major party debate was conducted in two languages. And to make the Democrats' counter-revolution official, New Mexico's Democratic governor opened the debate by announcing that it would be held in two languages in order to embrace multiculturalism. This is an attempt to undo the American revolutionary idea that one's ethnicity and bloodline should be of no significance. Far from being progressive, the Democrats' emphasis on ethnicity (blood) and race is utterly reactionary and counter-revolutionary.

Few Americans have a problem with candidates of any party speaking to voters in the voters' native languages. More power to any American politician who can communicate in more than one language. But this audience in New Mexico was an English-speaking audience.

The point of making statements in Spanish was to make public the Democratic Party's counter-revolutionary ideology that Americans should not continue to be united by English, and that America should no longer encourage its citizens to embrace a distinctive American culture, identity and values system. America should rather be a land of many cultures, united merely by accident of geography.

People who reject the American ideal -- either out of ignorance (schools no longer teach Americanism) or out of the leftist conviction that American values (God and liberty: meaning Judeo-Christian values along with personal, political and economic freedom) are not superior to any other -- now run the Democratic Party. No one can imagine any Democratic leader prior to the 1970s embracing the idea that America should be multicultural. In large measure, the American ideal has been the attempt to create a society that is multiethnic but not multicultural.

Americans have always embraced individual private expressions of different cultures. The Chinese who teaches his children Chinese, the Armenian who sends his child to an Armenian school, the Jew who makes sure his child becomes a bar-mitzvah -- all these people are honored by American society. But the American ideal has always been that no matter how attached an individual is to his particular culture of origin, every American citizen will identify as an American, united by one language in the public square.

The same week that the Democratic Party declared war on the American ideal, it further damaged America by having the largest state in the union, California, which the Democrats fully control, pass a law allowing illegal immigrants to obtain a driver's license. The driver's license is the de facto form of identification in our country. Thanks to the Democratic Party, now anyone who sneaks into this country from places such as Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan or Syria, can go anywhere and board any airplane just as an American citizen can.

The Democratic Party, for a pot of gold (Latino votes), is debasing American citizenship. Why become an American citizen if you can get a free education, free health care and a driver's license (with which you will be able to then vote) without becoming a citizen? Why identify as an American when this country officially celebrates your cultural identity at least as much as it celebrates American cultural identity? Why learn English, when America will do everything possible to make that language unnecessary to the vast numbers of Spanish-speaking immigrants, legal and illegal?

Because some readers confuse ideological attacks with personal ones, the obvious needs to be stated: There are many beautiful Democrats and there are many repugnant Republicans. But as a party, the Democrats are damaging this country more than any external enemy or ideology has come close to doing. If you are a committed leftist or a trial lawyer, it makes sense to remain a Democrat. If you aren't, for love of country, leave that party.

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Originally posted by bigpoppanils

1. where are they supposed to go exactly?

2. we are not going to have a healthy democratic process if there is one really strong party and several weak parties.

Then why don't the Dems strengthen their party. For starters, reduce the influence from the out of touch leftists and learn to be stronger on foreign policy.

Then perhaps the Dems could actually create a platform of solutions, hope, and policy instead of the useless campaign of "Bush Sucks", but we don't have an idea or policy ourselves"

And once again, read the article. How can you not find it disturbing?

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Originally posted by igloo

And once again, read the article. How can you not find it disturbing?

giving immigrants drivers liscences give the government the ability to track them....instead of not knowing anything about them except for maybe an INS file, they now have a name, address, and the ability to obtain credit and banking history more easily.

i would think that Aschroft would be happy about this

and the airplane point is pointless given the FAA's new warning system...

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1) Speeches in two languages is pure bullshit. You come here, where the official(I think) language is English, you learn to speak it. You go to Spain, no-one is going to give a speech in Spanish.

This also goes for Polish, Italinian, Indian, whatever nationality, families who live in Brooklyn, Queens, etc who do not speak English.

2) I agree with the identity thing...if you're a citizen, then your loyalty is toward the USA, not another country be it Italy, France, Israel, or Saudi Arabia!


1) However, just because a person embraces "American culture" does not mean they cannot still retain their own ethnic culture. After all, American culture is still extremely young and constantly evolving (as it any cutlure, actually). I do not agree with this writer's view...America is already a land of many culture living in geographic proximity!

2) Are you kidding me - certain values and cultures(ie, Judeo-Christian) "superior" to someone else's! This guy should get his head out of his ass!

3) Getting a driver's license in no way, means you can vote. You still have to be a citizen to vote, and I haven't heard otherwise.

Overall, the guy makes a couple of good points (noted above) but in the end just ends up looking like a right-wing nationalistic fanatic!

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