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Originally posted by hotbarbiedoll

:blank: :blank: :blank:

tell her... she missed out... crazy hoes. bitches be grabbig my dick, and thinking barbie was my girl... smoking out of bongs... with barbie's boyfriend bugging out with devils dicks and a dog running... lol... he is crazy...

those fucking kabobs were bomb... it was a wierd night, but i wish we didnt say at the whore house soo long. it was soo boring.. it was like the nakedness was kinda disgusting... btw : when the girl gave me a lapdance... the GIRLS BREATHE was KICKING LIKE BRUCE LEE. AND HER CROTCH SMELLED LIKE 3 WEEK OLD GRILLED CHEESE THAT WAS LEFT IN THE TRUNK OF SOMEONES CAR THAT WAS BAKING UNDER THE SUN. GROSSSSS...i moved back like crazy... her tits were like play-doe. her eyes were scarey looking. she looked like the devil... all she kept on saying was fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck... lets go upstairs to fuck...

barbie... you learned something very important lastnight... there are normal girls (you) and then there is hoes (strippers)

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Originally posted by atomicapples

Haha seriously...Dumb crack whore talking mad SHIT about me..WTF was that..She was just jealous that my boobies are real and I aint prostituting myself for a line..

But yeah anyway, Wendy missed out on a FUN night..The whore house did kinda get boring..The girls werent anything great..with a few exceptions..

Haha yeah that girl was GROSS. and she smelled.. At least Sammys smelled like "baby powder" HAHA..

Yeah that hasheesh (sp) place was weirded out..But it was fun watching you guys..But I was done for the night by that point..

But yeah, we're heading out to the city tonight again to see party monsters tonight, so Wendy, if you feel we're cool enough for you, why dont u join us ;)

PS "oh IM sorry I grabbed your dick, I forgot your girl is right here" :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Dumb skank...

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Originally posted by fineones

i have no clue what u guys are talking about ..but im not sure if im jealous or glad i wasnt there for it :eek:

I'd probably say a mixture of the two LOL..No but for real, it was one of those crazy,funny nights that you just GOTTA talk about again the next day...All of those unexpected and hilarious things that wind up happening...

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the best is...

apples : wait we got to wait for agentSAM at e. houston and essex...

agentSAM : ok well be there in 3 minutes...

3 minutes later

apples : shit lets meet them inside the stripclub on houston and essex...

the worst is...

agentCON : i got my fingers up in the girls twat...

agentCON : smell this shit...

agentSAM : :puke:

apples : :puke:

hotbarbiedoll : :puke:

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