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Hanover Grand

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aList Membership Cards

Your aList membership card is ready for you to collect from Pop this Sunday.

The card enables you to get into top London clubs and bars without problems on the door. It is also valid in Ibiza so don't miss out.

To attend any of the parties below FREE with your guests just send us a list of the people attending including their email address. (remember to name the event and include your name on the list)

Thursday - The Saint. (unlimited free list) <A HREF="http://www.clubplanet.com/guestlists/" TARGET="_blank">Guestlist</A> open 7-1am

Well, it's my party and I'll cry if I want to...in association with friends MFPR. So I have to plug it! It's ritzy, it's glitzy and it is always rammed to the gills. It's also the most fun Thursday night around. Darren Quilty is the man behind the decks playing music to get the girls on the dancefloor and the boys following. It's a party to really dress for. Come and join me - just ask for Krista's List on arrival.

Friday - Independence at The Hanover Grand. <A HREF="http://www.clubplanet.com/guestlists/" TARGET="_blank">Guestlist</A> open 10-1am

The VIP room can be reserved for your party!

Our US House love affair continues this Friday at The Hanover Grand. We have to admit that our Fridays at Hanover are becoming quite, well.....hip! The industry night where the music matters most, we welcomed CJ Macintosh a couple of weeks ago and we've just confirmed that Roger Sanchez is coming soon. We are able to look after our members well at the Hanover and now all aList guests get VIP passes and Q with the <A HREF="http://www.clubplanet.com/guestlists/" TARGET="_blank">guestlist</A> ! This friday is Mark Knights Birthday so he will be pulling out all the stops to make it a great night. He is joined on the decks by Mark Wilkinson and Rude Boy Rupert.

Saturday - Future Perfect at The Hanover Grand

Saturdays at the Hanover are always cool, always stylish and always fun. This Saturday we have Rocca,

Craig Jenson and Space resident Matt Cassar on the decks. The deal for Sat is Members = Free and 50% guests Free / the rest at concession. e.g. 1 member + 8 guests = 5 free + 4 conc

Sunday - Love2Lounge at POP

Get your lists in early for this one!

The aList membership desk/photo service will be open 7pm-11pm

Love2Lounge is always le piece de resistance of the week. Love2Lounge is a gem of a party. The colourful people, the impossibly warm atmosphere, and the music that literally rockets the crowd to another plane, mix with 'Cool London's' favourite venue for a trully awesome party.

Over the past few weekend's we welcomed aList regulars who had never made it down on a Sunday before, it was a thrill to witness their shocked expressions, and those who found us and told us how much they loved2lounge really made our party!

LWT will be down looking for people to film for their forthcoming TV series Ibiza 2000 so remember to dress up and show up if you want to be a star.


- Clubmaster

  clubplanet.com - nightlifestyle™

   [email protected]

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