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Radiohead at the Gorge!

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I'm going to see Radiohead as well. If you've never been to The Gorge, my one *huge* piece of advice is to bring a sweatshirt or coat. People never think of this for some reason... desert, heat of the day, etc... but it's still really important. It gets *so* cold there at night (like 40 degrees) and many people have told me that they'd rather have cut the concert short than stand in the freaking cold anymore.

In other advice... don't camp in the gorge campground unless you like staying awake all night. There's a great campground on the exit just before (if you're coming north) or just after (if you're going south) the Gorge exit. Go East on the little road. First corner, take a left. You'll go down a small ravine that will open up into a huge valley (on your right). DO NOT DRIVE DRUNK IN THIS AREA (or in general, but REALLY) or even fast. People drive off the side frequently (wanna see something weird? just go to the bottom of that cliff in the morning... there's a VW bug and everything!) and presumably die. On your left, there will be a couple unofficial camp sites. Be respectful and pack out what you pack in. These grounds are, I believe, private. However, you can unofficially camp there by the graces of the fact that most people are concious of their waste.

This is probably way more than you needed to know, but important info never-the-less.



Don't get lost.

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That's some great advice, thanks...Had only planned on wearing a long sleeve, but now I think the coat will be making the journey with me.

Don't plan on drinking, so hopefully we won't go careening off any edges...

Should be a fantastic time! hitting 764 tonight, Radiohead tomorrow. Damn, Sunday's gonna be a rough morning.

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