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JAZZ++midi sequencer software now free!

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Got to http://www.jazzware.com

JAZZ++ is a full featured, audio capable midi sequencer for Linux and Windows. JAZZ++ offers a lot of functions normally only found in expensive sequencer software, and is used by professionals and hobby musicians all over the world.

Open Source JAZZ++ is here!

We are happy to announce version 4 of the Jazz++ midi sequencer. Jazz++ is now distributed under an Open Source license (GNU GPL). This applies to versions for both Linux and Windows platforms. Among the news in version 4.x is an ALSA driver for Linux. We now invite the Open Source community to help make Jazz++ an even better product.

Open Source not only means that the software is free to use, it also gives the users freedom to enhance the software and correct bugs. In general this leads to a better product and a dedicated user community. We sincerely hope this will happen also to Jazz++ and that all users will benifit from this change of license terms. As a contributing developer, you can really make a difference!


- Clubmaster

ClubPlanet.com - Because sleep is overrated.

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