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id from circa 2000/suggestions

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trying to re-download the songs i used to rock out to back in my CrkHd days. i forget all the names of them. one im looking for is a pretty hard beat from factory/exit days - only lyric was "this is, my only, dream"

you guys out there who feel me on that please suggest or remind me of some of the names of songs that were hot a few years ago, even some of the cheesy exit(1) type songs too.

i talk about 2000 like it was another lifetime, memory of that times a bit hazey at the least


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a years gone by and im still lookin for this song. dig deep. mada & moody used to rock this one, they played it over stranger in my house one friday, sounded incredible. that no talent hack draper used to "spin(press play)" it at exit too. real hard bass line, only vocals - "this is my only dream" in a really deep male voice.


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