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feels great, don't it... next to "the pump" :drool:

Muscles are stimulated by electrical impulses called action potentials that travel down a nerve to the muscle. An action potential is similar to the flow of electricity down a wire. However, the major difference between a nerve and a wire is a nerve will only transmit a single packet of electric charge at a time. When the nerve is stimulated, there is a threshold of current required to activate the nerve before it is activated, and this is where your threshold comes in. Once the threshold current is achieved the nerve is activated and it will pass the message in the form of the electrical current on to the muscle. Even if the nerve is activated by 10 times the amount of current required to reach the threshold potential the nerve will still only carry the same amount of current to the muscle as it would if it had just reached the threshold current. This is because the amount of current passed by the nerve is determined by the ionic state of the nerve itself rather than the type of stimulus.


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