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MP3 Players... anyone?

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I was just wondering how many of us here actually use portable mp3 players... The mp3 revolution is out there, and no longer limited to pc's... even cellphones now have mp3 playing capabilities...

I had the first Rio one, but wasn't happy, 32 mb storage is just not enough...

I've been lookin around for cd players (like discmans) that can read a cd with mp3 files... think about it.. 700 mb of music... I've been thinking about getting one, but they're still too pricey...+ - 300 bucks..

Anyone else comment on this?

what player do u use?


Peace, Love & Twilo for Everyone!!!



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honestly....everytime i think about buying something new....i harken back to where we were 1 year ago today. Remember when napster was cutting edge and none of your friends knew how to burn a cd, and your cd writer cost $500? Imagine what the future will bring in a year. Eventually all CD players will be able to read mp3 files and play them.....imagine if your car stereo could play mp3s from a cd...Oh my!!!

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