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Chics for soldier boys??


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I was wondering what is such the fascination with some gals and men in the military and/or uniform.

I went to 7-11 yesterday morning, bum crack of dawn and was at that little island where the coffee station is, as I was making my coffee I was noticing this muy caliente chica on the other side.

Of course my just woken up ass wasnt aware of the fact that SHE was aware of me checking her out. Anyways, I made eye contact and she just has this cute smile on her face and she was almost sizing me up.

Turns out after reading the shirt she was wearing "I love soldier boys", it clicked, I was wearing an Army shirt and ha. I need to get out more. The point is, was this woman's mindset shared?

If so, Im wearing camo, and military related gear every time I go out.....:laugh: :laugh: :direct: "Drop and give me oral!! Maggot!!":swallow:

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I use to be in the USAF and got approached all the time. I never really got it. Maybe it's the uniform, may be it's the idea of a hero, maybe it's the the safety issue, maybe it 's the fact I'd take bullet for the country, may b/c it's sense of confidence and duty/honor, may be it's danger element. Maybe it's all of the above.

But by the same token I've have just as many women tell to go to hell w/o saying a word, never got that either.

But what ever your belief remeber this people sleep peacefully because rough men stand ready to do violence on your behalf.

Yes, I am thinking about going back.

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Originally posted by xxlea

Military men don't do it for me. I run in the opposite direction.

Im confused, to why exactly you run in the opposite direction?

As far as the Ex USAF dude considering going back... Booty aspect of such was a candid joke on my part..

More power to you if you do... if you dont, no sweat either.. at least you understand the reasoning behind why people join....

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Trust me, Im far from shallow. Was no where near a factor. To be honest, when getting that coffee it was the first time I even thought about it. I personally wouldnt be able to really be into a gal who was just dating me for title reasons.. it would have to be more then that... but I hear ya..

Same time, seeing a hot chic Marine the other day.. holy shit..

Ill pay to be her drill sargeant...lol

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