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Simpsons Sundays with DAN SODA + Booty House Saturdays


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We open our doors at 8pm SHARP to cater to fellow Simpsons freaks, geeks and nerds. Join us *THIS SUNDAY* for the SEASON PREMIERE EPISODE featuring Glenn Close doing guest voices as Homer’s long lost fugitive mother. Grab a menu and feast on top-notch Miami-style food and drink while enjoying the best show on television!

Dan Soda * * * * *

Join us this Sunday for an extended set by DC veteran Dan Soda. As a founder of the legendary Drivesafe Crew (circa 1994), Dan has properly represented the underground sounds of this city for over a decade. Representing United Depth Foundation and GrooveDistrict.com, this Abstract Motion resident needs little introduction and this Sunday's Seventh Day Soul appearance will be the intimate and soulful house conclusion to what promises to a potentially massive weekend.

Brendan Psykofly * * * * *

Reppin' Olney to the fullest, our man Brendan C aka Psykofly always comes correct on decks, from techstep to soulful 2-step drum and bass. Having rocked the widely successful Alias turnout at the party’s one-time appearance at The Edge, Psykofly along with F8 prepare for a Nov 21st's BUZZLIFE CUBIK takeover, but not before making a stop at SDS this SUNDAY to represent the lighter sounds of DNB. Expect technical mixing, Psykofly originals and the Olney Crew rollin' deep!

Glitch + EsBnage * * * * *

Anticipate the best soulful and atmospheric blends of drum and bass from these two SDS residents and co-founders. Buy them many shots (especially Cedric) and see if they can still hold down the candle lit tipsy mix. Just one question—how do you transition out of The Simpsons?

18+: e-mail jesse@tittsworth.com with legal names or simply “get titts†at the door. No drinking tho!!

21+: consume until your hearts content, please bring picture ID.

Hours: 8pm – 1am. Please try to order food by 9-9:30 (check with bartender for last food call)

SDS is held at South Beach Bar and Grill. For flyer, directions, etc: http://tittsworth.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=227



This Saturday night is dedicated to the lovely ladies of Krunk!! We've got the booty house and Balmer club ready for early perversion and also in the Krunk tradition of slightly inappropriate celebration, we offer Buttery Nipple Shooters to ALL LADIES for $3! Please, LADIES ONLY you HERBS!


You asked for it so now we're gonna give it to ya-- hittin' the Krunk Kru with an early dosage of the TITTS BOOTY HOUSE and B-MORE CLUB to get the crowd extra pornographic right off the top. Combine this with ladies night and you've got a potentially dangerous KRUNK ahead!

Join us in celebrating the long awaited birthday of... TERR BURN

Local sweetheart Terr Burn (or "Terry Brown," for the Balmer-ebonically challenged) is frequently seen on tittsworth.com and at Krunk passed the f*#@k. Please come out to help us celebrate the birthday of what many of us consider to be the sister we never had. As if we needed more fuel for the fire, we're also partying in festivity of her new Swan Stream residence!


The Unusual Suspects are comprised of Blest (MoCo's TUNAFISH if you will), Copeasectic, CM, Dislexsick, Scud, INV and DJ Kames. These gentlemen are known for their intense freestyle display and can be frequently seen at Krunk displaying a consistently impressive display of improvizational lyrical ability. Come check new songs from the group's long awaited debut LP THIS SATURDAY at KRUNK!


Krunk has become synonymous with its crowd devastating open mic sessions!! Available from 10:30p-midnight, we consistently attract both sharp new faces and lyrically seasoned regulars who showcase some of the finest improvisational talent around, backed by the most rugged beats and sub shattering cuts. We STAY hitting the crates for the extra hot instrumentals so SHOW EARLY and give me a shout if you're interested in a formal show!


KRUNK is YOUR PLACE TO BE for SATURDAY NITE AFTER HOUR EATS! No longer are you confined to diner food or drive thru's! Check out one of the area's most diverse late night menus! Consistently well received with priced and quality in mind! Please order before 2am please!


We have a convenient and covered area just steps away from the bar to offer you smokers a space, despite the strict smoking bans!

Make sure and SIGN UP for the message board too for members-only drink specials and discounts, dollar shots, free food and more! http://tittsworth.com/forum

Take care,




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