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Deeper Substance this Friday with Parks & Wilson

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Following on from last month’s successful re-launch party, Deeper Substance returns again to its new spiritual home, bringing the very best house music to the table. This month, Demi welcomes Primal Records; one of the finest house record labels based in San Francisco and most venerated house music vinyl outlets and featuring very special guests on the night


As two thirds of Tilt, the Parks and Wilson duo produced some of the most popular progressive house tracks of the 90’s and paved the way that dominated the sound for the dancefloors. Tracks like “Rendez-vous†and “The Seduction of Orpheusâ€moved the house genre into previously unchartered and darker territory and Tilt’s sound with its thumping tribal percussion and booming basslines blurred the line between trance and house. Joining the duo will be star residents



Due to a road accident in his hometown in San Francisco, Norman Areans will unfortunately not be joining us for this month's party. Our sincerest wishes go out to him making a speedy recovery.

ROOM 2 will be hosted by


Along with his entire record collection out for one night only, this unique and multi-talented individual will aim to cover every genre that practically exists through that collection of his. Prepare for non-stop mayhem in his house of fun!!!!. Not to be missed I assure you.


See you Friday


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