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Mushroom Growing Question??????????????????????????????


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I was wondering how exactly do I go about growing some mushrooms,

I got some spore syringes, vermiculite, brown rice flour, and a 10 gallon tank

Do i just mix some vermiculite and BRF, and spread it acroos the bottom, and then just inject the spores all around in it and seal it up (taking contamination free precautions, of course) and then just wait and watch them grow, then start picking em out once they get big enough,

and then will they just keep growing?

Any tips out there from some experts??

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no...that wont work...........do a search on the net....you'll find lots of info......

btw.... a 10 gallon tank wont do you much good....you dont even need a tank....

rubbermaid containers work alot better

you're also gonna need 1/2 pint canning jars and pearlite...and a pressure cooker....

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I have some spores called Blue Meanies, I just got em no more than a couple months ago, and I was wondering how to grow them so they would just keep on growing, like using the PF Tek method?

I just needa figure out how to get it started, there are so many different ways online

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go to the shroomery.org for more info than you could want.

but overview

grind brown rice flower with vermiculite then add water

put in 1/2 pint mason jars with holes punched in tops by a nail but cover top 1/4 inch with just vermiculite.

presure cook to sterilize then let them cool for a day

inject your spores through the holes

wait 30 days or so till they get all white

pop them out and put in a container with high humidity

wait and mist them daily


obviously there is a bit more to it (mainly to get the humidity high and keep things sterile)... but not that much.

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blue meanies supposedly arent really a good strain for a beginnner....... like shroomy said said check out shroomery.org .... do the pf-tek to get your feet wet.... hopefully you've been storing the syringes in the fridge or someplace cool and dark .... a couple of months may be hit or miss.....B+ and equador are better strains for beginners..... If you have the spores give it a shot....its a small gamble... even if the syringes turn out bad you'll still have the set up ... and theres plenty of places to get spore syringes....i've never grown blue meanies....so i cant give you much info on the specific strain... but I've heard good things about the end result.....just follow the instructions exactly and remember that patience, sterility and cleanliness are key in the preparation stages...

if you register at shroomery.org you'll have access to the grow logs.... some of them are very detailed and will show the different stages of growth...you can learn from other peoples mistakes.. I started screwing around with growing shrooms like 3 years ago just for myself... since then I've become more obsessed with growing them than i am with eatin them....I

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