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Democracy... with Strings attached...


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It sure seems to me like this is the trend that has been taking place in the last decade. Or, for that matter, slowly developing since the US has been a superpower

I can think of many examples, but here's a basic thesis:

What we are told to know------What is the Truth


We know the truth in Iraq ---------We are told the truth in Iraq

Bush learns his intelligence ------- Bush learns his intelligence

from newspapers, close aids,------from his close aids ONLY

and 1st hand experience

Clinton slept with Monica-----------Clinton slept with Monica, Linda,

------------------------------------------Susan, etc...

Our Energy system is up------------Our energy system is outdated

to date----------------------------------hence -blackout of 2003

The economy is improving -----------the economy went from 6.4%

---------------------------------------------to 6.1%... that's hardly ------------------------------------------------------improvement

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