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With Regards To Guantanamo

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and the legality of it.

"Have the officers of the U.S. Navy a right to seize men by force, to fire at them, to overpower them, to disarm them, to put them on board of a vessel and carry them by force and against their will to another state, without warrant or form of law? ... Is there a right of habeas corpus in the land? ... Is it for this court to sanction such monstrous usurpation and executive tyranny?"

who wrote this about guantanamo?

have a guess...



well it was a trick question it was in fact, former US President, John Quincy Adams talking about the Amistad situation in 1841.

he went on to say that sending people overseas for tiral was:

"one of the most odious of those acts of tyranny which occasioned the American Revolution."

Indeed, the Declaration of Independence specifically condemns King George III for "transporting us beyond seas to be tried for pretended offences."

and in the end the Amistad captains won with the supreme court saying things like

The rights of the case "must be decided upon the eternal principles of justice and international law."

To rule otherwise would "take away the equal rights of all foreigners, who should contest their claims before any of our courts, to equal justice," or "deprive such foreigners of the protection given them" by "the general law of nations."

hope the Supreme Court justices this time around know their precidents..

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